Eagle Tradition

Student athletes who compete for CJ quickly learn that they are expected to play at a level of excellence that not only helps them develop as players and teammates, but in a manner that honors the tradition of those who came before them.  Built on a strong foundation of athletic prowess, determination, and hard work, CJ athletes play with pride not only for themselves and their teammates, but for the many supporters, alumni, parents, and fans of the Eagles.  

We believe strong athletic programs help our students gain self-respect, self-discipline, and self-esteem while becoming great teammates. At CJ, we require our athletes to be students first, benefit from our strong educational programs, and respect our teammates and community members of all socio-economic backgrounds.  We believe that through prayer, the goodness of God will inspire all that we do.

Student athletes are mentored by coaches and staff who impress upon young athletes the meaning of being an Eagle. They are challenged to live out their commitment to faith, development and spiritual growth from practice to the field. Coaches and counselors also challenge students to be at the top of their game academically while participating in extra-curricular activities like athletics.

Through its membership in the Greater Catholic League, CJ believes the goodness of God will inspire our student athletes. The commitment to serve students helps enhance the Catholic educational experience that CJ provides.