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Capstone Encourages Students To Respect Themselves and Others

Students in middle school may find it hard to define, "Who am I?" Seniors Kenya Compton Harris, Orfa Hernandez, Lionel Nsilulu and Dominic Petry made it their goal to help students answer that question and learn about respecting themselves and others as part of their Senior Capstone Project.

"The overall goal of our capstone was to teach young teens to love themselves for who they are," Hernandez explained.

Capstone Works to Break the Cycle of Child Abuse

Several capstone groups have focused on identifying the signs of child abuse. But for their Senior Capstone Project, Essence Garrett, Taylor Stokes, KaMaria Turner and Rayelle Wells worked on ways to help break the cycle of child abuse.

"A lot of people already know what child abuse is and know the signs," Wells shared. "We want to break the cycle because those who have been abused are twice as more likely to become abusers. So our goal is to advocate, prevent and get involved to make a difference."

Push for Peace Rally Organized by Capstone Group

Youth Advocates Against Gun Violence will hold a march and rally on Saturday, April 9 all in the name of peace. The event was organized by Lindsay Dwire ‘16, Asha Talib ‘16 and Colleen Wagoner '16 as part of their Senior Capstone Project.

"We wanted the community to get involved and help raise more awareness about gun violence," said Dwire.

Wagoner added, "We want everyone to be a part of the action."

Seniors Show Inner Beauty Through Capstone Project

Beauty is more than skin deep. That's why on Tuesday, March 22, several female students, faculty and staff took a pledge not to wear make-up that day. The idea came from a Senior Capstone Group consisting of Taylor Burrows, Rosie McDonald, Niesha Montgomery, Allison Potter and Madelyn Skinner.

"We all have experienced self-image problems, which normally results in the use of make-up," Skinner said. "With this day, we wanted to make girls feel more comfortable without makeup!"

Capstone Works To Defy False Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man? Seniors Mike Carper, Graham Curry, Isaiah Gates and Deter Spees looked into high school students and society's thoughts about that statement for their Senior Capstone Project.

"High school is a time when people discover themselves and attempt to define themselves, often looking to their peers' actions to help them do so," Carper explained. "During this time, it is crucial to have positive influences. Our group wants to be a source of positive influence for high school students as they discover who they want to be."


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