Language Arts Scholarship

For an application to be considered, please fill out the scholarship form here.

TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM: to qualify for a scholarship, have one teacher/mentor fill out the common teacher/mentor recommendation form found here

If you have questions or concerns about your application, please contact Jeanne Spitzig at 461-3740 x249 or


  • Consider a current issue or topic that affects a community on a local, national or global scale. Write a persuasive essay from your perspective citing at least two reliable sources. Follow MLA format for citing your sources.
  • Consider your experiences in grade school. Reflect on the strengths and struggles of your time there. Consider the growth you have achieved through your experiences. Write on one or two of these experiences and share your reflections to how your time in grade school has prepared you to attend Chaminade Julienne.
  • Submit an original piece of writing (poetry/short essay/short story).
    Describe the meaning of this piece in your life. Why did you write this? Why is this important to you? If you qualify for an interview you may be asked to share more about the actual piece, the meaning of the piece and what you believe it reflects about you as a writer.

Submit all essay answers through the scholarship application form link above.