Ministry & Service Scholarship

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  • Active Involvement in Church / Parish Community - Please indicate any activities you are involved in at your church or parish. Also indicate any leadership positions you have taken. 
  • Community Service (minimum 20 hours since 7th grade) - Please indicate any community service you have completed above what is already required from a parish confirmation program. 
  • Character references - Please list contact information of two character references. Relatives should not be included. 


  • Chaminade Julienne is jointly owned and sponsored by the Society of Mary and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. There are unique characteristics that guide our mission and community. Based on the Hallmarks of the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Charism of the Marianists, tell us about an experience in your life in which you were guided to build or lead a Christ centered community.
  • St. Julie Billiart was born in Cuvilly, France in 1751. Her life was marked by a great desire to make known the goodness of God. Tell us about how you see the goodness of God in the world and how you make that goodness known to others.
  • Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and co-founders of the Marianists placed their ministry under Mary’s patronage. Their communities, called sodalities, shared a sense of equality, compassion and social justice as well as a concern for individual spiritual growth. Explain a time or experience in your life when you encountered these qualities in a community.
  • Based on your life experiences and the special qualities of our founders, what qualities do you think makes CJ unique as a Catholic school and how would you enrich this community through receiving a scholarship and attending CJ?

You may type all responses on one document; please make sure to include the question number your response is for. 

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