Marianist LIFE

Learn more about the Dayton Area Marianist World Day of Prayer Mass here.

What is the MLC (Marianist LIFE Community) at CJ?

  • LIFE stands for “Living In Faith Experience”
  • There is a Marianist LIFE Program in every Marianist school/parish
  • The goals of life are to create a community in the school that prays together, learns together, plays together, eats together, and supports one another.

How do I become part of the Marianist LIFE Community?
Everyone is welcome to be a part of this community.  There is no official membership. LIFE events are open to students from all grades.  Just come!

Mrs. Jama Badinghaus  461.3740 x204  |  email 
Mr. Mike Hoendorf  461.3740 x244  |  email


What happens at a Marianist LIFE event?
  • MLC Mondays – these are like mini retreat opportunities.  We will eat, play games, have a presentation on a topic or theme, share conversation together, and pray together.
  • MLC Nights/Socials – We will sponsor different community building events.  In the past we have done Bonfires, trips to UD and Tom's Maze, events for Hunger and Homeless Awareness, and Rallies.  We will do at least a few events a year.
  • Joint MLC Events with other schools/parishes – In the past we have joined Queen of Apostles Church, St. Henry Parish, Moeller High School, and Purcell Marian High School for different MLC events.  We have done joint dances, Christmas parties, and retreat weekends.  We hope to collaborate with some or all of these groups again this year.

Monthly MLC Mondays:

  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 16
  • December 14
  • January 11
  • February 8
  • March 14
  • April 11
  • May 9

Watch announcements for more information on MLC Nights/Socials!
     September 26th - Bonfire at Mount St. John
     October 10th - MLC Rally at CJ

When I am a Junior or a Senior, why would I consider going to LIFE Week?

  • LIFE Week allows students to grow in their relationship with God!
  • LIFE Week teaches students to be faith leaders in their home schools!
  • LIFE Week connects students to other schools who have similar values!
  • LIFE Week helps students understand more fully what it means to be Marianist!

Who do I talk to if I want more information?
Find a LIFE Leader – all of these students can tell you more and help you get involved!  Mr. Hoendorf in Ministry and Service and Mrs. Badinghaus in guidance are the adult moderators and can also answer questions about LIFE!  We will also do our best to update the school webpage with more information.

2015 Student Leaders:

  • Clare Wade
  • Maureen Zopff
  • Jack Dalton
  • Abby Arestides
  • Noah Walusis
  • Danielle Ostendorf
  • NyJia Lott

2015 Theme Song
Start a Fire by Unspoken