Student success is at the center of all we do.

Teachers and administrators take a look at national trends and academic outcome data to help keep our programs current and responsive to the demands of students and the needs of the global community. Project Lead the Way through CJ STEMM is an example of a newer curriculum initiative that brings the hands-on experience of science, technology, engineering, math and medicine into our classrooms. The data is used to evaluate and strengthen curriculum based on what is taught, learned and assessed.
Whether you are a student who wishes to apply to the Ivy League or one who needs extra academic assistance in transitioning into a college prep curriculum, CJ teachers and staff will work with you to succeed. If you enter CJ with a strong commitment to your educational goals and a willingness to work hard, CJ is the place for you to learn how to soar.

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  • Steve Fuchs 

    Assistant Principal
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    University of Dayton - Bachelor of Arts
    University of Dayton - Master of Science
  • Jama Badinghaus 

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  • Kate Elder 

    Administrative Assistant, Counseling
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  • Megan Fink 

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  • Peyton Keys 

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  • Andy Taube 

    College & Career Coordinator