While students can obtain all the necessary credits for graduation during the normal course of their high school careers, many students want the opportunity to take more electives such as four years of performing and visual arts, Project Lead the Way classes, four years of a foreign language, etc. With all of the necessary graduation requirements, participating in these extra electives can be difficult. However, there are several options that you and your child can explore as you plan for your child’s next school year.

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  • Academic Tools

    POWERED BY GOOGLE©  |  Training Presentation
    Connected Classroom is an exciting initiative that brings technology to the forefront of the student learning experience and gives all our students the tools to take a more active role in their learning.  At the heart of Connected Classroom is the Google suite of products and a Chromebook. Students and parents must read the Connected Classroom Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy. If students have a problem or question about their Chromebook, they can visit the Help Desk in the Library from 7:30 - 3:30 on school days or email support@netdemics.com.


    DDL Website

    Courtesy the University of Kentucky: 
    The idea of being a good digital citizen becomes more important as schools use various technology as a part of the learning process. Where does this get taught? Who teaches it? How do we keep track of all of this? How do we know what areas need addressing and/or follow up? The DDL project allows learners (whether they be students or teachers) to get exposure to concepts through cases and learn to become responsible digital citizens. Learners can take the practice and evaluative exercises to both facilitate and certify their knowledge.
    Access the Digital Driver's License website here.

  • ACT/SAT Testing Information

    Testing Information
    ACT/SAT Test Dates  -- all testing held at CJ

    ACT Test DatesRegistration Deadline
    September 10, 2022August 5, 2022
    December 10, 2022November 4, 2022
    April 15, 2023 March 10, 2023

    SAT Test DatesRegistration Deadline
    November 5, 2022October 7, 2022
    March 11, 2023February 10, 2023

    These tests are administered at CJ on designated Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. Students must pre-register online with the testing agencies in order to attend and must present a photo ID before they are admitted for testing. The school code needed for CJ students: 361-795.
    • ACT Registration - here
    • SAT Registration - here
    • The SAT Score Converter can be found here.
    A few other ACT announcements for parents and student can be found on the ACT website but a few of the highlights are below:
    Contact your counselor if you think you qualify for a fee waiver.

    Click a link below to learn more about the PSAT.
  • Course Catalog

    2022-2023 School Year
    Access the 2022-2023 Course Catalog now.

    Please look over and discuss this material with your child. Help prepare your student in choosing the classes you both feel he or she should request for next year.

    Parents will receive a copy of the final course requests. If you have questions regarding course requests, please contact your student's guidance counselor.

    Students who participate in two full seasons of interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading may waive the two semester P.E. graduation requirement.

    As students plan their programs of study, the following considerations should be kept in mind:
    • Advanced study beyond state requirements is not only highly recommended, but is a prerequisite to certain college programs such as engineering, pre-med, nursing, business, pre-law, etc.
    • Biology, chemistry, physics is the science course sequence recommended by the State Colleges of Ohio.
    • Foreign language study for at least two years in the same language is required for all students. Some Ohio colleges are recommending three years of a foreign language study for unconditional acceptance.
    • On the recommendation of the principal, qualified seniors may apply to take courses at local colleges for college credit within the limitation of their high school schedule.
    Course Selection
    A student who selects a course without meeting the prerequisites will be scheduled in an alternate course that fits her/his schedule. Students and parents/guardians should spend time together planning, choosing, and discussing the course selections. The student’s guidance counselor is also available to assist in this process. During the registration process, current students and their parents have an opportunity to schedule special college/career planning meetings with the guidance counselor. Information will be included in the registration packet. Courses are offered dependent upon the availability of teaching personnel and course enrollment. Student course requests will be processed only after their registration is complete and all other financial obligations are considered current by the Business Office.
  • Course Levels

    Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School is committed to the highest academic standards of excellence. The academic program is designed to enhance the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for students to become life-long learners and contributing members of society. At CJ, each student is encouraged to continually strive for academic excellence at a level commensurate with his or her ability. Respecting the individual needs of each student, CJ offers courses at various academic levels.

    Students are placed in courses based on standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, and past performance. It is possible for students to be enrolled in courses at different levels. For example, a student may have demonstrated superior abilities in English and be enrolled in an honors English course while at the same time be enrolled in a college preparatory math course.

    Advanced Placement and Honors courses are designed for those students who have demonstrated superior skills in specific content areas. CJ offers AP courses to students in grades 10, 11 & 12 in English, social studies, calculus, biology, chemistry, computer programming, foreign languages, and art. Students enrolled in AP classes take the AP exam and have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Honors courses offer opportunities for students to pursue more in-depth studies in specific content areas.

    College Preparatory courses are designed for students who have demonstrated the ability and aptitude to pursue post high school studies at the university level.


    General courses are designed for students entering college or the work force.


    Cuvilly is a full inclusion, educational program designed for students with special learning needs.  The program is named after the French hometown of St. Julie Billiart, the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. CJ is the only Catholic high school in the Miami Valley to provide such a program.
  • Summer AP/Honors Work

  • Summer Courses

    All courses and final grades will be included on a student’s official high school transcript. Many students take summer courses in order to allow more time in their schedules for other courses such as performing arts, foreign language, and STEMM. Grades earned in these courses will count the same as grades earned during the normal school year.

    Summer PE
    Students interested in taking a summer Physical Education class should consider TRECA’s summer class.  For more information and to register and pay for the class, please see TRECA’s summer school website.

    Summer Art
    This summer, CJ will be offering a Summer Art course for CJ students.  To be eligible to register, students must meet all CJ registration requirements for the 2021-2022 academic year.  This Summer Art course can count towards a student’s fine arts graduation requirement.
    Summer Art will take place at K12 Gallery & TEJAS at 341 South Jefferson Street (4 blocks from CJ).

    To earn a half credit of fine arts, a student must complete two full camps at K12 Gallery & TEJAS.  Students wishing to earn a full credit must complete four full camps.  More information about dates, times, and descriptions of the many different camps offered this summer may be found on the K12 Gallery & TEJAS Summer Art Camp website.

    All camps run from 9:30 – 3:00 each day.  Students should pack their own lunch to eat during the lunch break from 12:00 – 12:30.
    Because of the partnership between CJ and K12 Gallery & TEJAS, CJ students will pay the membership price for the camps.  This is a 50% price reduction from the listed price for each camp.

    To register and pay for Summer Art, please contact Steve Yates at K12 Gallery & TEJAS at steve@k12tejasgallery.org  or call (937) 461-5149.  Be sure to mention that your child is a CJ student in order to receive the discounted rate and to have your child’s grade sent to CJ.  Do not register online at the K12 Gallery & TEJAS website as you will not receive the discounted rate.
    Camps have limited space so please register early.