All courses and final grades will be included on a student’s official high school transcript. Many students take summer courses in order to allow more time in their schedules for other courses such as performing arts, foreign language, and STEMM. Grades earned in these courses will count the same as grades earned during the normal school year.

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  • Summer Art

    This summer, CJ will be offering a Summer Art course for CJ students.  To be eligible to register, students must meet all CJ registration requirements for the 2021-2022 academic year.  This Summer Art course can count towards a student’s fine arts graduation requirement.
    Summer Art will take place at K12 Gallery & TEJAS at 341 South Jefferson Street (4 blocks from CJ).
    To earn a half credit of fine arts, a student must complete two full camps at K12 Gallery & TEJAS.  Students wishing to earn a full credit must complete four full camps.  More information about dates, times, and descriptions of the many different camps offered this summer may be found on the K12 Gallery & TEJAS Summer Art Camp website.

    All camps run from 9:30 – 3:00 each day.  Students should pack their own lunch to eat during the lunch break from 12:00 – 12:30.
    Because of the partnership between CJ and K12 Gallery & TEJAS, CJ students will pay the membership price for the camps.  This is a 50% price reduction from the listed price for each camp.

    To register and pay for Summer Art, please contact Steve Yates at K12 Gallery & TEJAS at  or call (937) 461-5149.  Be sure to mention that your child is a CJ student in order to receive the discounted rate and to have your child’s grade sent to CJ.  Do not register online at the K12 Gallery & TEJAS website as you will not receive the discounted rate.

    Camps have limited space so please register early.
  • Summer PE

    Students interested in taking a summer Physical Education class should consider TRECA’s summer class.  For more information and to register and pay for the class, please see TRECA’s summer school website.

Educational Leadership Team

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  • Gregory Mueller 

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    University of Dayton-OH - Master of Science
    University of Dayton-OH - Bachelor of Science
  • Steve Fuchs 

    Assistant Principal
    x 205
    University of Dayton - Bachelor of Arts
    University of Dayton - Master of Science
  • Kelli Kinnear 

    Director of Ministry and Service
    x 209
    University of Dayton-OH - Bachelor of Science
    University of Dayton-OH - Master of Science
  • Patrick Rizer 

    Director of Student Services
    x 226
    University of Dayton-OH - Bachelor of Science
    University of Dayton-OH - Master of Science
  • Anthony Turner 

    Athletic Director
    x 233
    Bowling Green State University-OH - Liberal Studies
    Grand Canyon University-AZ - Master of Education