Explore CJ as a Parent

We had greater dreams for our kids.

Parents seek the Catholic educational experience at Chaminade Julienne to help prepare their child to be successful in college — which translates to success in pursuing the type of post-graduate education that connects with the student’s field of study.

Everybody belongs, which is the only way diversity actually works.

Parents appreciate the welcoming nature of the CJ community, the variety of experiences in which their children can engage, and the level of expectation that the CJ community places on students to grow and develop their talents.

I expected a great education.

Students graduate to be lifelong learners, contributing members of society and people of compassion, integrity and service. They will be prepared for and be connected to opportunities that are opened to them because they are a graduates of Chaminade Julienne.

Students have multiple avenues to get involved.

There are so many opportunities in and out of the classroom to discover individual passions and to grow them with the encouragement of others. It's the experience of working with others and learning leadership — and the soft skills — that go into an holistic education that CJ provides. The size of the school allows students to gain the kind of experience that larger schools cannot provide.