Explore CJ as a Student

CJ is my home away from home.

CJ provides an amazing place for you to learn new things about yourself. Your teachers will help you discover the gifts and talents that make you, you. No matter which path you go, someone will always be there to support you.

At first I was reluctant, but coming to CJ has been the best decision.

Classmates become new friends as you connect with those who have the same interests and passions as you do.The CJ community becomes family, where everyone belongs. You are supported in becoming who you are meant to be, and in growing in your own relationship with God and with others.

CJ is a place where kids can discover who they are.

Students graduate from CJ prepared to be lifelong learners, contributing members of society and people of compassion, integrity and service … you prepared to be successful in the many opportunities that will be opened to you because you are a graduate of Chaminade Julienne.