Alex Moellering

CJ Service: PULSE Volunteer
937-461-3740  |  email

Education: Truman State University, Bachelors in Philosophy/Religious Studies, Minor in Music

CJ Philosophy: I see a deep respect for Catholic education throughout CJ.  There is a constant striving for excellence throughout the school, not only in academics but in personal development and spiritual growth.  Education is seen as a lens to approach the whole person, feeding their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.  All of the faculty and staff work together to create a safe, inclusive environment where the individual is both treated with dignity and expected to commit themselves to the high standards of excellence.

As a newcomer to Dayton, teaching, and even adulthood, I am able to share a new perspective while still learning from the strong, traditional practices.  I am better able to distance myself from the norm because I have not become a part of it yet.  In addition to my fresh perspective and drive for creative innovation, I bring a heart brimming with empathy and hope, and my goal is that through these gifts I may better listen to and understand my students needs and work to help and guide them in their educational journey.