Allies in Action Podcast

Our group is focused on the dignity of immigrants and called Allies in Action, as we are non-immigrants who want to understand and be allies to immigrant communities at CJ and in the greater Dayton community based on the Catholic Social Teaching of life and dignity of the human person. We created this podcast to have an open conversation with local people to educate ourselves and others on the American immigrant experience and spread awareness on misconceptions and the struggles they face. One of the main goals was to combat ignorance that often demonizes and dehumanizes immigrants without trying to understand their experiences.

Table of Contents

Dan Eiser
In conversation with Mr. Dan Eiser, English teacher and cross country and track coach at CJ, we discussed how his identity as part of an immigrant family has affected, inspired, and shaped him, as well as allowing him to uniquely contribute to the school community.

Katie Espino
With Mrs. Katie Espino '03, Administrative Assistant to the President, we talked about how her heritage allows her to bring a bicultural perspective to the welcome office of CJ, be a part of diverse representation she didn't always experience, and empathize with other minorities.

Fr. Satish Joseph
Fr. Satish Joseph, from Immaculate Conception and St. Helen's Parishes, explained about his recent immersion experience at the border of El Paso and Juarez, what he learned from the people there, his own experience as an immigrant, how our Catholic faith calls us to welcome the stranger, and how we can be allies in action for local immigrants.

In our last podcast, we talked to two CJ students whose families immigrated from Equador about the struggles they've faced and the responsibilities they have. We learned about common misconceptions and what it truly means to be an immigrant in America today and even at CJ

Class of 2019 Capstone Group Members: Katie Bardine, Josie Forsthoff and Anna Kutter