Amy O'Loughlin '86

CJ Service: Science Teacher
Other Service: Science department co-chair; Project Lead the Way teacher
937-461-3740 x408  |  email

Education: University of Notre Dame, BA Science and Psychology; University of Dayton, MS Education

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Project Lead the Way Master Teacher - Human Body Systems

CJ Philosophy: I have had the opportunity to go to Belize on mission trips with our CJ students and faculty members.  I am always amazed at how aware our students are of the differences in our world and how truly blessed we all are.  CJ empowers our students to become active advocates for injustice in a way that inspires me.  
Also, our students truly embrace our community.  It’s not something that you can write about in a brochure - it is something that you experience in our hallways and our cafeteria.  Our students look out for each other and welcome each other.  CJ promotes what it means to be a community member and our students take that role seriously.  By incorporating the Marianist charisms and the Hallmarks of the Sisters of Notre Dame into daily life, our students are more thoughtful citizens, which means great things for our futures as they become leaders.

In addition to being a CJ teacher, I am also an alumna and a CJ parent of CJ graduates.  As a result, I have had the opportunity to experience CJ in many different ways.  Each chance that I have to explore the CJ community while wearing a different hat enables me to gain different perspectives on the many gifts that CJ has to offer.


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