The Skelton Family Community Center is dedicated to the total well being of students and is an important example of the school’s commitment to the holistic education of young people. The Skelton Family Community Center serves all students, from the general student population to the CJ student athlete. In addition to conditioning, the flexibility of the Skelton Family Community Center accommodates a wide variety of needs by the school including hosting events and meetings, student retreats and alumni gatherings.

The Building
The cinder block and brick building, located at 77-79 Eaker Street, was constructed in 1966 as a warehouse and renovated in 2010 for use as the Student Conditioning Center which opened in August 2010 and was dedicated as the Skelton Family Community Center on September 26, 2021. The center is approximately 25,000 square feet—almost one-half acre— under roof and is divided into four main areas along with an on-site trainers room, and storage for equipment.

  • Field turf area (65 yds. long by 15.3 yds. wide or 9,130 sq. ft.)
    accommodates outdoor sports conditioning including football, soccer, golf, lacrosse, baseball and softball
    enclosed netting and a soccer goal built into the east wall
    two retractable batting cages for baseball and softball
    two golf training nets and mats
  • Multi-sports area (110 ft. long by 47 ft. wide or 5,140 sq. ft.)
    accommodates most indoor sports conditioning including basketball, tennis and volleyball
    two portable basketball goals, volleyball standards and net
    cubbies for storing personal items
  • Multi-purpose room (65 ft. long by 46 ft. wide or 3,090 sq. ft.)
    accommodates wrestling, cheerleading, dance team, team meetings and film sessions, as well as receptions
    plans are underway for one and a half wrestling mats
    cubbies for storing personal items
  • Weight and conditioning area (80 ft. by 42 ft.; or 3,350 sq. ft.)
    rubber flooring(3/8 in.)
    fully-furnished with strength-training and cardio equipment including:
    • 12 Magnum Fitness Systems power bars with collars and
    • 250 Olympic rubber plates ranging from 5-45 lbs.
    • 12 benches
    • 6 power racks
    • 4 Free Motion treadmills
    • 3 dumbbell racks
    • 2 Cybex arcs
    • 2 Matrix bikes
    • 2 Multi-Hips
    • 2 5-50 lbs. by 5 lbs. welded dumbbells
    • 2 55-100 lbs. by 5 lbs. welded dumbbells
    • 1 Glute Ham bench
    • 1 pulse plate load leg curl
    • 1 pulse plate load leg extension
    • 1 Life Fitness cable multi-gym
    • 1 weight-assist chin and dip
    • 1 Hammer Strength wide chest, incline chest, decline chest, low row, rowing, high row, bicep curl, and leg press.
      1 pair of 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 lbs. dumbbells each
  • Athletic training room (23 ft. by 12 ft.; 275 sq. ft.)
    includes two taping tables, rehab equipment, medical supplies and an ice machine
  • Athletic equipment storage area (behind the east wall of the turf area)
  • Storage for equipment for all sports as well as physical education class
  • Also stores 12 portable rowing machines a.k.a. “ergs,” for use by students involved in the Dayton Rowing Club program
  • Utility room (23 ft. by 9.5 ft.; or 215 sq. ft.)
    houses the indoor/outdoor security surveillance monitoring control center
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms; water fountains
The main structure was built in 1966; the smaller structure (now called the multi-purpose space) was constructed in 1961. Also, from the report:
  • 2.7 Past Uses of Property
  • According to historical maps, aerial photographs and other records, the site originally was used as railroad property as far back as the 1880s.The railroad used the property principally as a switchyard or siding yard with many track sidings occurring across the property until the 1960s. Then, a series of warehouses were constructed along Eaker Street, culminating with the last warehouse constructed on the subject property in 1967. 

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