Beth Marshall

CJ Service: English Teacher
Other Service: Faculty representative: Parents of Performing Arts; Faculty representative: After Prom ; I-team member
937-461-3740 x458  |  email

Education: Indiana University, BA English/History; Miami University, MAT English

CJ Philosophy: My students inspire me every day with their curiosity, their energy and their desire to be part of the CJ community. As a catholic school (small “c”), CJ welcomes all faiths and all diverse populations, making it a special place where students are supported by teachers and by each other in their academic and personal growth. As a Catholic school (capital “C”), CJ provides opportunities on a daily basis for prayer, self reflection and meditation on faith through the very decor of the building. At CJ, students see windows from the old Julienne building in the halls and religious art in the classrooms; our building supports the mission of CJ. I feel blessed to teach at this school and to be a part of CJ’s long standing tradition of excellence. 

As a member of the CJ community I am encouraged to share my love of literature, my passion for student success and my faith.