Bob Young

CJ Service: Facilities Manager
937-461-3740 x415  |  email

Education: Central State University, BS Industrial Technology/Industrial Arts; Tech-Prep - Manufacturing; S.T.E.M.M. - IED - POE

I have proudly served the Chaminade Julienne community for more than 20 years as a teacher, coach and facilities manager. I have worked in education since 1976, but found my second home at CJ after starting here in 1990. I made the full-time transition to facilities management for the 2011-12 school year after splitting time between teaching industrial arts courses and maintaining campus over the previous two years. I also currently serve on the coaching staff for the Eagles football program. I was the first person in the nation to teach both tech prep and STEM curriculum at a Catholic high school and taught Project Lead the Way engineering classes including Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering.