Bryan Sharpe

CJ Service: Director of Vega
461-3740 |  email

Education: Wright State University, Bachelor’s in Music Education (K-12)

CJ Philosophy: It is evident that CJ proudly embraces the idea of community and both inside of the building and far beyond. While providing a richly diverse, accepting, and nurturing environment, CJ’s role in educating future leaders and faithful community members has a direct impact on all parts of the Dayton area and beyond. The strong academic standards of CJ presented in a context of faith and teamwork creates an educational experience that is both unique and highly valuable. These principles that are consistently displayed in CJ’s classrooms year after year are sending graduates out into the world that the CJ community past and present can be proud of.

It’s exciting for me to share my love for music in such a specific way. It’s a joy to see students get so motivated to learn, improve, and fall in love with music the same way I did in high school.