Cathryn Maga

CJ Service: Science Teacher
Other Service: Environmental Club Moderator
937-461-3740 x471  |  email

Education: Thomas More College, BS Biology; Xavier University, MS Education

Classes (room 214): Sophomore homeroom, Biology 1 (period 1, 4, 7), LB Fuhs, Regan (period 5) 

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

CJ Philosophy: Chaminade Julienne provides a Catholic educational experience because we are very purposeful in integrating Catholic education into core subjects.  Students are able to experience different facets of their faith in multiple disciplines, whether it be reflecting in prayer at the beginning of class or it be a lesson that centers around the Catholic Faith.  Additionally, I feel CJ is very purposeful in teaching faith.  Students are required to do in school service and out of school service, but even once students are done with service requirements they continue to volunteer for service over and above what is asked of them. This entire community embodies what Catholic Education is:  looking for a need and serving it, and inspiring our students to do same.

I bring my love for science and investigation to Chaminade Julienne.  Having earned my bachelor’s in biology, I spent time at Thomas More’s Field Station and University of Chicago doing research in the field for both macro and micro biology.  As moderator of the environmental club I helping students work for their passion with the environment and Earth as a whole.