Charlie Szabo '98

CJ Service: Social Studies Teacher
Other Service: Head Men's Varsity Basketball Coach
937-461-3740 |  email

Education: Ohio Wesleyan University, BA History

Classes (room 149): Sophomore homeroom, American History (period 1, 4, 5)

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association

CJ Philosophy: I was very blessed to be raised in a family that valued Catholic education.  As a student at Corpus Christi School and Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School, I was exposed early on to a diverse, holistic education based on the value of the church, the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Marianists.  As a member of the CJ community for over 25 years, I feel extremely excited to be able to pass along these traditions to the next generation of young men and women walking through the Ludlow Street hallways.

The thing that stands out to me about Chaminade Julienne is its diversity and its welcoming nature.  I’ve encountered students from all over the Dayton area and from all walks of life - once they walk through these doors, whether they know it or not, they become part of the CJ family.  To put it simply, there’s something here for everyone.

Chaminade Julienne combines outstanding academics and terrific extracurricular opportunities in an environment that encourages students to develop their own faith and become servant leaders and global citizens.  I’m honored to be a part of the faculty at such a special place.