CJ Distance Learning Plan

Revised — Effective April 20

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Chaminade Julienne's original distance learning plan was designed for the initial three week school closure. Now that distance learning must continue, some modifications to the original plan have been made in order to provide more structure and clarity to the program. These modifications are based on feedback received from teachers, students, and parents.

Overall Goals of Distance Learning Plan

Core Values of Plan

  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Predictability
  • Accountability

The Chaminade Julienne Distance Learning Plan combines the use of technology with the expectation that we can and will continue to deliver an outstanding learning experience. Using the Google Classroom learning platform, teachers and students will interact in structured, yet flexible and creative ways to reach learning goals. CJ is dedicated to providing the support and care necessary to educate the whole person and meet the learning needs of each individual student.

Expectations for Students

Through the expectations of the Distance Learning Plan, students are to be engaged with their work on daily basis, meet deadlines set by their teachers, and be accountable for doing their best work. 
Effective, April 20, 2020:

1. Attendance Plan (View / Print)

2. Students must turn in assignments, projects, papers, etc. by the teacher assigned due date. If a student cannot meet the assigned due date, the student must email the teacher with the reason before the due date. Failure to do so will result in a 60% on that item.

3. Students must take tests on the teacher assigned date. If a student cannot meet the assigned date, the student must email the teacher with the reason before the test date. Failure to do so will result in a 60% on the test.

4. While teachers have flexibility on the date assignments, projects, papers, and tests are due, for consistency across all classes, items must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on the teacher assigned due date.

5. Students are responsible for communicating with their teachers, especially when they need help.

6. Grades on assignments, papers, projects, tests, etc. still matter. Even though we are in distance learning mode, this is still school and students are still responsible for learning the material. The grades earned in distance learning will be part of the second semester grades.

7. Teachers will hold at least two virtual office hours sessions each week. Students may request additional help beyond a teacher’s scheduled office hours. This help will be via email or scheduled Google Meets sessions by appointment.

8. Virtual office hours are strictly for students. If parents have questions, they should email the teacher to set up an individual conference.

Virtual Student Support Center - help@cjeagles.org

As part of the Distance Learning Plan, CJ will initiate a Virtual Student Support Center that is grounded in the City Connects principles and is focused on supporting student needs and providing answers to critical questions that may arise. The Virtual Student Support Center will combine the services of multiple departments - guidance, student services, Cuvilly, and Netdemics - in order to collaborate on serving students in an efficient and holistic manner.

Throughout the duration of the Distance Learning Plan, CJ will make supports available through the Virtual Student Support Center from Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am - noon. Students and parents can either:

  • email their question to help@cjeagles.org, or
  • call (937) 461-3740 x 401 to be connected with the right person to answer their questions. Your questions will be recorded and assigned to the correct personnel at CJ to respond to you most directly with appropriate help.

We are dedicated to having staff available in the Student Support Center that can provide the following:

  • General academic support
  • Counseling services
  • Special education (Cuvilly) support
  • Technology support
  • Student services support
  • Family crisis support

As a reminder, here is CJ's breakdown of counselor assignments for students:

  • Ms. Keys, last names A-F  |  email
  • Mr. Hardin, last names G-M  |  email
  • Mrs. Badinghaus, last names N-Z  |  email


Q: What should I do if I do not have a consistent internet connection at my home?
A: Contact the Virtual Student Support Center, and a CJ representative will guide you in the best answer to your individual need, which may include working with a community resource, contacting an Internet Service Provider (like Charter Communications) which is offering free services.

Q: Will faith education and prayer be a component of the Digital Learning Plan?
A: Yes, of course! Our ministry and service department will continue to develop prayer resources and share them with the CJ community throughout the duration of the Digital Learning Plan.

Q: How do I contact my teachers?
A: Send an email to your teacher. Teachers will respond within one day, excluding weekends.

Q: What if I have a technology question or issue with my Chromebook?
A: Send an email to help@cjeagles.org, and someone from NetDemics will contact you.  If the issue is urgent, contact the Virtual Student Support Center at (937) 461-3740 x401.

Q: What should I do if I am in need of food resources for my home?
A: Visit our Resource Index webpage for available assistance


Steve Fuchs, assistant principal  |  email

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