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CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2014-15 Calendar

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Aug 26

Meg Draeger, Coordinator, CJ STEMM

What is CJ STEMM?  What's in it for me?  Information Session

Sept  2

Luis Garcia, Industrial Engineer, Practitioner, Process Improvement,Next Level Partners

What is Industrial engineering? How can math and statistics and industrial engineering  help companies, and the world? View presentation >

Sept  9

Katrina Staker andCraig Attenweiler, Engineering students,University of Dayton ETHOS

Engineering and Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning (ETHOS) sends teams of UD students to develop and install culturally-appropriate solutions in third-world countries.  Katrina and Craig will share their experiences in India and Bolivia. View presentations >

Sept 30

Patrice Hall, Senior Marketing Strategist,Marxent Labs

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile app development technologies, gaming, user interface design. The creative elements of information technology, computer science, and artistic design expertise applied for marketing and entertainment purposes.

Oct    7

Dr. Chad Barklay, Research Scientist,University of Dayton Research Institute

During World Space Week, learn how UDRI supports space exploration missions by enabling safe, reliable, and long-lasting power sources. View presentation >

Oct 10

Kayla Ritter, Program Manager, University of Cincinnati College of Engineering & Applied Science

College, career, co-op, and study abroad opportunities in engineering and applied science at UC and beyond.  View presentation >

Oct. 14

John Stireman III, Associate Professor,Wright State University Deparment of Biological Sciences

Meet the local "Indiana Jones of the Insect World"!  The evolution and ecology of insects, and what we can learn from their communities and interactions.  Entomology at its best!View presentation >

Oct. 28

Michael Enright, Conservation Biologist,Five Rivers MetroParks

Wildlife management, habitat protection, wetlands restoration.  Wetlands are "nature's kidneys".  Deer, turkeys, bald eagles, otters, falcons, and bobcats right here in Dayton!  Why and how to protect them?  View presentation >

Oct. 31

Travis Doom, PhD, Associate Professor,Wright State University Depratment of Computer Science and Engineering andForensic Bioinformatics

Promoting social justice through the automated and objective evaluation of forensic data - mostly biological and DNA.  Learn from an award-winning professor and researcher.

Nov. 11

Sarah Krug '09, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Dayton Department of Electro-Optics

Just what are electro-optics, and some everyday examples?  Hands-on demos to check out. View presentation >

Nov. 25

Jennifer Pennington, Paper Scientist,Eastman Kodak Company Inkjet Printing Solutions

Paper science and engineering - Miami University's unique degree program.  Paper in conventional and not so conventional applications.  The Kodak company's paper needs. View presentation >

Dec.  2

Hanen Alkhafaji '07, Software Developer, PQ Systems

Creating software for manufacturing and health care companies, and websites for small companies.  The 2014 Technology First Emerging Leader award recipient in the Miami Valley.

Dec.  9

Crystal Taylor, Pharmacy Camp Director, University of Toledo

Careers in Pharmacy, and a summer camp for high school students -Pharmacy Camp at the University of Toledo

Dec. 12

Mike Ooten, Aerospace Engineer, WPAFB Summer Scholar Program

Learn inside information about theWright Scholar Research Assistant Program for high school juniors and seniors, and additional summer STEMM programs for high school students.

Jan. 27

Craig Boman '04, Applications Support Specialist, University of Dayton Libraries

Meet this Application Support Specialist with a diverse subject range - he has a background in music, information technology,  AND computer science!  "Things I should have learned in school had I been paying attention, and the future of technology"  View presentation >

Feb.  3

Hilary Feskanin, Senior, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering University of Dayton

What sparked her interest in engineering?  A passion for running in high school, related personal injuries, and the challenge to design the best running shoes!  She has had co-op positions with prosthetics and X-ray technology companies.  View presentation >

March 3 

Keith Watson, MD, F.A.C.O.G., Premier Health Specialists

Learn about the exciting world of an obstetric/gynecologic surgeon who performs robotic surgery and many other things!

March 10

Brian Duffy '74, Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Crown Equipment Corp.

How to ensure compliance, sustainability, and injury prevention for a $1.6 billion global manufacturer of lift trucks?  View presentation >

March 23

Jim Olson, PhD, Professor and Lab Director, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Wright State School of Medicine

Is seeing always believing?  CelebrateBrain Awareness Week. Learn about the sensory system of our retinas, and how it affects what we see, or think we see.  Then see and touch real human brain specimens with a local neuroscientist.  View presentation >

March 31

Catherine McDaniel '00, OD, MS, FAAO, Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry, Chief, Binocular Vision and Pediatric Services,College of Optometry,The Ohio State University

Our eyes and the gift of sight are precious!  Save Your Vision Month - March 2015 - What should you do to preserve your vision?  What kinds of diseases affect the eyes, and how are they treated?

April 14

Ben Sears, Assistant Professor of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Sinclair Community College

Drones, UAVs, sensors, geospatial data collection, surveillance. Sinclair's national UAS Trainng and Certification Center houses an indoor test flying lab right around the corner from CJ!  View presentation >

April 28

Dr. Greg Ramey, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources, Dayton Children's Hospital

Overall health has a lot to do with our mental health!  Child psychology, neuropsychology, families and parenting, social work, child abuse review and evaluation.



Interested in presenting? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator


CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2013-14 Calendar

Sept  9

Meg Draeger, Coordinator, CJ STEMM

What is CJ STEMM?  What's in it for me?  Information Session

Sept 16

Special Ops Club

Learn about this new Club, and sign up!

eCybermission, CyberPatriot, Mini-Urban Robotic Challenge, and more!

Sept 23

Tom Johnson, Innovator, race car driver, airplane builder, and owner ofJohnson Machining Services

Local entrepreneur Tom Johnson of Johnson Machining Services in Miamisburg shares his unique engineering skills, innovative passion and inspiring story with our students. Tom was recently a contestant on Discovery Channel's nationally televised reality competition show The Big Brain Theory. View story >

Oct  1 

Becky Miller, Quality and Manufacturing Engineer atGE Aviation (Cincinnati)

National Manufacturing Day October 4

Problem solving, teamwork, communication, 3D Printing and more!

Oct 22

Terry HareProcter & Gamble, Senior Engineer, Ressearch & Development

Worked on the development of laundry detergent pods and stain pens - to make life a little easier for all of us!  Building a successful career after growing up in Dayton and receiving a Chemical Engineering degree from UD.

Oct 25

Kayla RitterUniversity of Cincinnati College of Engineering & Applied Science

College, career, co-op, and study abroad opportunities in engineering at UC and beyond.

Nov   5

Crystal TaylorUniversity of Toledo College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Careers in Pharmacy, what it's like to be a pharmacist, the many places they may work, and information about the University of Toledo's Summer Pharmacy camp.

Nov 18

Beth Hart, Professor,University of Dayton School of Engineering

College, career, and travel abroad opportunities in engineering, at the University of Dayton and beyond

Nov 19

Dennis Heldman, PhD, Professor, The Ohio State University, Dept. of Food Science & Engineering

Learn what food scientists and technologists learn and do to help solve the world hunger challenge and create a more sustainable food system.

CJ Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week November 18-22

Dec   3

Brian Campos, Aviation Safety Investigator, WPAFB AFRL

Aircraft safety, human factors, mishap investigation and analysis

Dec. 9

Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD, Associate Professor,Wright State University School of Medicine, Community Health and Pediatrics

What, and how do, ethical, social, and legal issues impact the effectiveness of physicians as healers and professionals?  Meet one local practicing Catholic physician (and St. Chris parent) who allows his faith to inform his practice, and has earned great respect in his field.

Dec 16

Mike Ooten, Aerospace Engineer, WPAFB, and Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM 

Juniors and seniors, come learn about how you can get a paid summer internship at WPAFB with the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program.  Freshmen and sophomores come learn about other summer programs to prepare you for the internship.

Jan 13

Cameron Ingram '09, Biomedical Engineering student and med school candidate, Univ. of Cincinnati

Just what is Biomedical Engineering?  What can you do with such a degree? What are a college engineering program and co-op jobs really like?  How to get into medical school?  What cool projects he's worked on so far!

Feb 18

Capt. Dave Simpson, Civil Engineer, AFIT Civil Engineer School, and Univ. of Illinois College of Engineering alumni

Celebrate National Engineers Week 2014 - February 16-22

Engineering: Let's Make a Difference!

Civil engineers plan, design, construct, and operate facilities and system esential to our modern life.  Water systems, transportation systems, buildings, bridges, roads, even space systems!  All aimed at efficient sustainability.

March 4 

Sara Paton, PhD, Epidemiologist, Department of Community Health, Center for Global Health, Wright State University

Learn about the field of public and community health.  It impacts local community and global health and people's wellness through education, treament, and research.

March 18 

Jim Olson, PhD, Professor and Lab Director, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Wright State University School of Medicine

Celebrate Brain Awareness Week and learn about neuroscience March 10-16

April 8

Jodi Allen, Plant Engineer,Crown Equipment Corp.

Manufacturing and Engineering - creating a product safely and efficiently that is high quality and low cost.



Interested in presenting? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator


CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2012-13 Calendar



Sept 4             

Meg Draeger, Coordinator, CJ STEMM

What is CJ STEMM?  What's in it for me?  Information Session

What Industrial Engineers do in a Variety of Industries? Link to watch video

Sept 25

Dieter Krewedl '61, PhD, Minerals Exploration Geologist

Discovered and explored gold, silver, and uranium mines around the world... after he immigrated to the US as a child who spoke no English! He is now retired, works as a consultant, still explores, and lives in the Lake Tahoe area of northern California. View story >

Oct 9

Joe Kelly, Distribution Planning Engineer, and Greg Weathers, AC Network Engineer, DP&L

Celebrate National Energy Awareness Month and the 50th birthday of the LED!  Be a part of ensuring energy for your future!  Learn about career opportunities in the power and energy industry. View story >

Oct 22

Kayla RitterUniv, of Cincinnati 

College, career, and co-op opportunities in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati - Kayla Ritter, UC CEAS. View story >

Oct 23

Chris Tabor, Materials Research Chemist,WPAFB AFRL

Celebrate National Mole Day and National Chemistry Week!  What can you do in a Chemistry career?  Nanoscience and more... View story >

Oct 29

Beth Hart,Professor, Univ. of Dayton

College, career, service, and co-op opportunities in the School of Engineering at the University of Dayton -Beth Hart, UD SOE. View story >

Nov 13

Jennifer Dalton, Registered, Licensed Dietitian, University of Dayton

Hunger awareness and how dietitians help people in many settings evaluate and practice healthy eating habits. View story >

Nov 27

Christine Schubert Kabban '88, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, AFIT

Health monitoring and biostatistics, remote sensing and image processing, brain trauma, back pain, epidemiological research about growth, aging, and pediatric health, and much more! View story >

Dec 4

Brian Butler, Mechanical Engineer,Emerson Climate Technologies

Learn about technology innovation in the world's leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions.  Research and innovation and state of the art manufacturing. View story >

Dec. 10

Mike Ooten, Aerospace Engineer, WPAFB, and Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM 

Juniors and seniors, come learn about how you can get a paid summer internship at WPAFB with the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program.  Freshmen and sophomores come learn about other summer programs to prepare you for the internship.

Dec 11

Chris Woolley, Software Developer, Peerless Technoloiges/ Computer Sciences Corporation

Celebrate National Computer Science Education Week!  Chris codes and perfects software to manage all the aircraft parts in the U.S. Air Force!  He has worked in 43 states and four countries! View story >

Jan 8

Dan Mullins '97, Engineering Project Leader, Porsche AG

A Mechanical Engineer of cars for the future!.  Presently working in Germany for Porsche AG!  And a former CJ Varsity basketball player! View story >

Jan 15

Alexandra Bohler, Architect Intern,  LWC, Inc.

Learn about the field of architecture, and how you can participate in the American Institute of Architects Art in Architecture High School Design Competition designed just for Dayton area high school students. View story >

Feb 17-23


Celebrate National Engineers Week 2013 - Celebrate Awesome!

Feb 26

Dr. Michael "Mickey" McCabe, Executive Director, University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)

Learn about the great and varied work that more than 400 STEMM professionals do at UDRI, aided by more than 250 undergraduate and graduate UD students!  Aeropropulsion, Energy, Human Factors, Materials, Mechanical Systems, Sensors, Structures, and more!View story >

March 5

Don MooreGE Electrical Power Aviation Systems

GE Aviation is collaborating with UD to open the EPISCenter in June 2013 just a short distance from CJ!  Come learn more about the company, and opportunities for you - future engineers and scientists - to be a part of innovation! View story >

March 8

Ann Saluke '72, Pediatrician, Anderson HIlls Pediatrics

As a pediatrician, she treats miracles every day!  Experience in rural Brown County, served on Cincinnati Children's Hospital Child Abuse Team, and multiple medical mission trips to Peru, Guatemala, and Romania. View story >

March 19

Jim Olson, PhD, Professor & Lab Director, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Wright State School of Medicine

Celebrate Brain Awareness Week and learn about neuroscience. View story >

April 16

Bob Butts and Elyse Dean, Five Rivers MetroParks, Wegerzyn Gardens

Celebrate Earth Day and National Environmental Education Week: Greening STEM: Taking Technology Outdoors!  April 14-20.

Learn about a unique volunteer opportunity at Wegerzyn Gradens MetroPark. View story >

April 30

Don Bretl, Engineer,Procter & Gamble

Learn about the engineering and development of the Pur water filter project from a Procter & Gamble engineer.  Distribution of the Pur packets is an element of the Sisters of Notre Dame Photovoltaic Project around the world, the focus of the CJ Class of 2013 social justice project. View story >



Interested in presenting? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator


CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2011-12 Calendar


Sep 13              

Meg Draeger, Coordinator, CJ STEMM

What is CJ STEMM?  What's in it for me?  Information Session

Sep 27

Candy Winteregg, Medical Librarian,Good Samaritan Hospital 

Librarians use a lot of modern technology!  Especially in the health care arena - medical research and education.  View story >

Oct. 11

Charlie Weikert, ETHOS Engineering student, University of Dayton

Working in Bolivia for an engineering company.  View story >

Oct 18

 Joy Haley, Research Chemist, WPAFB AFRL

Celebrate National Chemistry Week: "Chemistry - Our Health, Our Future."  View story >

Nov 8

 Lt. Col. Joel Luker, Squadron Commander, Electronic Analysis,WPAFB NASIC

 Aerospace Engineer, Flight Test Engineer.  View story >

Nov. 14

Beth Hart, Professor, Chemical Engineering,Univ. of Dayton

Learn about engineering careers, and programs at the University of Dayton from an engineering professor. View story >

Nov. 18

Lt. Col. Deborah "Lucy" Lehker,Trauma Nurse and Senior Nurse Manager, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, California, and Chief Nurse, U.S. Air Force Reserve

Learn about her four activations in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, including six  months with a Critical Care Air Transport Team in Kandahar, Afghanistan. View story >

Nov. 22

Nate Eloe '06, Computer Science PhD candidate,Missouri University of Science & Technology

Combine a love of math, physics, computer science, and... theater!  An up and coming "30 Under 30" MS&T alumni. View story >

Dec 6

 Mike Monnier, Field Service Supervisor,Barsplice Products, and Chairman of Society of Manufacturing Engineers Dayton chapter


Put your talents to work in the manufacturing and/or construction industry as a manufacturing engineer! View story >

Dec. 12

Mike Ooten, Aerospace Engineer,WPAFB

Learn about STEMM summer programs and internships, including the WPAFB Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program

Jan 10

John Grismer '70, Education Specialist,Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) 

 IBM's "Top 5 in 5" - Real cool technology innovations in development now, and how they will change your life within 5 years!  And how you can play a role in their development with your education and future career. View story >

Feb 14

Jim Woeste '86, Director of Development, Commercial Operations, DP&L

Learn about the largest solar facility in southwest Ohio, opened by DP&:L in Washington Township in 2010.  Why did DP&L build the $5 million 9,100 solar panel array here and what lies ahead with solar energy? View story >

Feb. 21

Shamel Rivers, Production Support Engineer, GE Aviation

The GE Aviation facility in Vandalia designs and manufactures electronic components for aircraft.  Design engineers and the production team work together to refine production processes to ensure quality parts are produced.  View story >

Mar 6

Chuck Webb and Matt Ferguson, Biomedical Engineers, Good Samaritan Hospital

More than 3,000 pieces of equipment and devices to maintain in good working order, to ensure uninterrupted quality patient care. View story >

Mar 26

Renee Smith, Admissions, University of Cincinnati College of Engineering & Applied Science

What makes UC programs unique?  Among other things, it is the first university to establish a co-op program for students.

Apr 24

 Rick Scudder, Director, UDRI Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Exploitation

UAVs - the growing super industry in our region.  Unmanned Aerial Systems are an exciting blend of chemistry, materials science, electronics, computer technology, aerospace engineering, and more!  View story >




Interested in presenting? ContactMeg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator


CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2010-11 Calendar


Sep 14              

Felicia Graham, '86,Environmental Compliance Coordinator, City of Dayton - Department of Water

Ever wonder how Dayton gets its drinking water? Felicia Graham, '86, explains that and more in the first Idol Speaker Series presentation of the year. -- View photos & story

Oct 19

Joe Lusczek,Technical Director, Aerospace Systems Design and Analysis, Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center, WPAFB

If an aircraft is currently being used by the Air Force, chances are this veteran of the civil service played a key role in its development. Mr. Lusczek is internationally known and recognized as an aircraft conceptual design authority. -- View photos & story

Nov 22

Mark Abram,University of Dayton ETHOS, Mechanical Engineering student


ETHOS - Engineering & Technical Humanitarian Opportunities for Service learning.  Students worked in India designing and building safe rocket cook stoves. -- View photos & story

Dec 7

Tom Hesse,Architect, John Poe Architects



Specializing in building health care and recreation facilities, Hesse assisted in the design of the Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park in Columbus, Ohio. -- View photos & story

Jan 10

Stacey Brand Poznanski, '97, Emergency Medicine physician,Wright State Physicians, Academic Fellow, Wright State University

Experience the world of medical simulation in this interactive demonstration!  Witness the energy of a patient resuscitation, and have the opportunity for hands-on exploration of a high-fidelity patient simulator.  This technology application crosses the fields of medicine, education, computer science, and engineering. -- View photos & story


Feb 8

Andrew Shepherd,Professional Staff,Riverside Research

Explore the world of remote sensing, geodesy, and air traffic control!  Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. -- View photos & story


Mar 8

Joyce Fernandes, PhD,Associate Professor,Miami University -Center for Neuroscience and Behavior

with Matt Siefert, MU Graduate Student

Brain Awareness Week celebration - Explore the world of neuroscience! Zoology, fruit flies, and our brains!  -- View photos & story


Apr 12

Lauren Wagoner,Graduate student,WPAFB AFIT


Cybersecurity and Cyber Operations - What does it mean for me?  -- View photo & story




Interested in presenting? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator


CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series 2009-10 Calendar


Sep 22              

Mike MilesSenior Associate, Lead for Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis, Booz Allen Hamilton

Mike Miles has more than 25 years experience in the analysis of sensors and weapon systems, including radars, surface-to-air missiles, air-to-ground munitions, electronic countermeasures, observability, and tactics/counter-tactics.

Oct 20    

Larry Jenkins,Aerospace Environmental Technologies & Thermal Management Aeronautical Systems Center, WPAFB

Did you Know? The quiet crisis of the 21st century is the need for STEM professionals. Why is STEM knowledge important to you and your future?

Larry Jenkins has been directly involved in the system development of numerous air vehicles like the F-35 JSF, F-22 Raptor, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, KC-10, EC-135 and the Global Hawk.

Nov 23    

Kim Bigelow,Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Kim specializes in biomechanical engineering and engineering innovation.  Her research focuses on human balance, whether that pertains to the improvement and preventive care of athletes or fall prevention for senior citizens.

Dec 15    

Ron Versic, PhD, CJ '60local scientist,engineer, inventor and innovator; President and founder of RT Dodge, Inc.  Founder ofInventors Council of Dayton

Where There's A Will, There's A Way! Ron Versic's work in physics, chemistry, materials engineering, and business contributed to the development of carbonless copy paper and fragrance scent strips as found in magazines. All due to a technology called “micro-encapsulation.”

MATERIALS ENGINEER: average starting salary is $56,000/yr

Jan 19    

Dr. Cheryl Conley,WSU, and 
Rosalie Koesel,Kettering Medical Center—chemistry hematology, immunology and microbiology

Clinical Laboratory Sciences "Superheroes" presented by Dr. Cheryl Conley, Wright State University and Rosalie Koesel from Kettering Medical Center. Clinical lab scientists perform accurate and timely testing to assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment and help monitor and prevent disease.

CLINICAL LAB SCIENTISTS: average starting salary is $33,000-$40,000yr

Feb 23    

Rick DuncanLean Process Engineer for Amylin Pharmaceuticals

"Education - Where is Your Focus?"  Making a difference in the lives of patients—Lean Process Engineer II, Process Excellence Group.  Skills are transportable!  Harness your passion to create a career!

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS: average starting salary is $55,000/yr

Mar 23    

Jim Olson, PhD,Professor & Lab Director, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Wright State School of Medicine

Celebrate Brain Awareness Week.  Learn about the wonders of neuroscience, the transfer of research discoveries to medical practice, and see actual brain specimens!

Apr 20    

Jennie Gallimore, PhD, Director, Ohio Center of Excellence for Human-Centered Innovation, Professor, Wright State University

Human Factors Engineering and Design and the Adventures of a Reluctant Engineer.  Learn how engineers create easy-to-use, efficient, effective and fun technology to serve human needs.



Interested in presenting? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM Coordinator