CJ STEMM Idol: Mike Ooten

While the weather outside might be near freezing, it's time for juniors and seniors to think about the summertime, and in particular, a premier local internship opportunity.

On Tuesday, December 1, Mike Ooten, an aerospace engineer with the Wright Patterson Air Force Base's Air Force Research Laboratory, spoke to students about the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program as part of the CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

CJ STEMM Idol: Elana Chapman '87

A CJ alumna returned to school to share how her career relates to each STEMM field, as part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

Elana Chapman '87 is a Senior Fuels Engineer at General Motors in Pontiac, Michigan.

"I was inspired while at CJ and I want to inspire the next group of scientists and engineers," Chapman said.

While speaking with students on Tuesday, November 24, Chapman recalled how some of the teachers at CJ helped develop techniques she still uses today.

German Guests Emphasize STEM Opportunities

Three German graduate students, who are in the U.S. for an internship, recently visited CJ to share not only facts about their home country, but their passion for STEM fields.

Sebastian Reif, Andreas Demmel and Dennis Kröber are students at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany. The trio came to the Dayton area in September for an internship at SAS Automation in Xenia. The company president is Anneliese Fisher's '19 father.

STEMM Class Assignment Soars

Students in the Introduction to Engineering Design STEMM class were recently given a real-world scenario when they were asked to design, create, and operate a machine in just two class periods.

"The students built a machine with the goal to launch a cotton ball about three feet," explained teacher Eric Grimm.

STEMM Idol: Bob Miller

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. These social media platforms connect people from around the world and many are used on a daily basis. Students can learn how these mediums are used in STEMM careers when Bob Miller presents during the CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series on Tuesday, October 27.
Miller, a Carroll High School and Wright State University graduate, has deep ties to the CJ community.

STEMM Idol: Stephanie Birkenhauer

The engineering field is constantly growing, and the faculty and staff at the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering & Applied Science (CEAS) has recognized that for decades. On Tuesday, October 20, Stephanie Birkenhauer, a CEAS coordinator, visited CJ to talk to students about how the university is staying at the forefront of this study.

"Just as an example, environmental engineering is one of the fastest growing areas," said Birkenhauer. "The students in this field help build sustainability systems to continue booming industries."

Students Create Recycling Machines

CJ engineering students were given a chance to take the future of recycling into their own hands when they recently worked on a recyclability project.

The assignment had students "working" for a fictional parks department. The "workers" were asked to create a machine that would recognize the difference between the same size objects, but the objects would be made of different materials. The same size object in this scenario was portrayed through marbles.


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