Idol Focuses on Children's Mental Health

The mental health status of a child is just as important as it is for an adult. CJ's final STEMM Idol of the school year, Dr. Gregory Ramey, reiterated this thought when he spoke with students during homerooms on Tuesday, April 28.

Dr. Ramey received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Lake Forest College in 1971. He continued his studies and received his Master’s degree in education from Harvard University and his MS, Ph.D. in child clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

STEMM Event Held For 7th Graders

If you want a drink of water, there is usually a faucet or water fountain nearby where you are able to quench your thirst. You also usually do not have to question whether or not the water is safe to drink. Some people who live in remote villages in Africa can now also have safe drinking water thanks to a Pur packet filter system which removes the harmful toxins from water in less than a half hour.

The lesson was just one of several that 7th grade students from St. Albert the Great, St. Christopher, and St. Peter schools learned when they visited CJ on Tuesday.

7 CJ Students Chosen For Program

CJ STEMM courses not only educate students in science, technology, engineering, math and medical fields, but also prepares them to use their education in work-related situations.

Recently, seven students were accepted to participate in the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program this summer. Organizers of this prestigious program only choose a small group of students to participate in the program each year.

STEMM Speaker Idol Series

March is National Save Your Vision Month. To close out the STEMM Speaker Series for the month, Catherine McDaniel, '00, spoke with students on Tuesday, March 31.

McDaniel is an associate professor of Clinical Optometry & Chief of Binocular Vision and Pediatric (BVP) Clinic at The Ohio State University, College of Optometry. McDaniel has been with OSU for three years but has been working in the optometry field for seven years.

STEMM Idol Speaker Dr. Jim Olson

Young minds had the opportunity to learn more about neuroscience when Dr. Jim Olson returned for a fourth year in the STEMM Idol Speaker Series. The professor and researcher could add "a magician's doubter" to his list of titles as he explained how our eyes and our mind works to defy illusions.

While presenting, Dr. Olson showed students to not believe everything they saw at first glance. He gave several examples where students first saw different images than their classmates. Dr. Olson went on to show students how the brain works and can sometimes trick what our eyes are seeing.

Brian Duffy, '74, Returns as STEMM Idol

Brian Duffy has spent three decades making workforces safe and environmentally friendly.

How he's been able to adapt to new technological advances and still keep his employer, Crown Equipment Corporation, compliant with safety standards was the focus of his presentation during the latest CJ STEMM Speaker Series.

Duffy is a 1974 graduate of CJ. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and a Masters degree in Environmental Planning from Arizona State University.

STEMM Idol Speaker Dr. Keith Watson

There are many opportunities in March to attend the CJ STEMM Idol Speaker series.

Whether you’ve attended all the 2014-15 homeroom sessions or if this is your first one, do not miss out on these unique opportunities to take an inside look at future college and career paths from professionals living them out.

On Tuesday, Mar. 3, all students were invited as Dr. Keith Watson visited from the Premier Health Specialists office in Yellow Springs. The veteran board certified OB/GYN has practiced medicine locally for almost 35 years, but don’t consider this doc “old school.”

CJ Stemm Idol Speaker Series

Get excited for our first STEMM Idol Speaker of the second semester!

All students are invited Tuesday, Jan. 27 as Craig Boman visits from the University of Dayton. This  Application Support Specialist works in the libraries of the University, and has a diverse interest spectrum- he has a background in music, information technology,  AND computer science!


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