May 2010

Top Achievers Honored

The Honor Awards Ceremony held May 12, recognized individual members of the senior class for their excellence in various achievements. As a class, this year's seniors earned over $11.2 million in scholarships; 97% will advance to postsecondary learning; and three members will join the armed forces. These 209 seniors have much to be proud of, and we celebrate and salute their collective and individual successes.

School Awards

  • Each year, the faculty and staff of Chaminade Julienne recognize three seniors who best exemplify the three elements of the school’s mission – commitment to faith, dedication to learning, and demonstration of school and family spirit.
  • The Founder’s Award is given to a student who, each day, demonstrates the spirit of St. Julie Billiart and Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. This year's recipient: Christina Chabali.
  • The Michael D. Trainor Award, named in honor of CJ’s principal from 1999 to 2004, is given to a student who has regularly demonstrated intellectual curiosity.  This year's recipient: Rebecca Anthony.
  • The Gerard “Fuzzy” Faust Award, named for CJ’s legendary coach and teacher from 1933 to 1980, is given to a student who best exemplifies the special Chaminade Julienne Eagle spirit. This year's recipient: Megan Plummer.
  • In 1994, the Brother John Habjan Award was instituted to recognize academic excellence in honore of the commitment to great teaching demonstrated by Brother John, who served as teacher and Director of Academics from 1980 -1994.  This award is given to the student earning the highest academic ranking in his or her class. This year's recipient is Michael Edward Manovich, who attended Holy Angels Elementary School and will be attending the University of Pittsburgh.
  • This year, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati initiated an award program to honor individuals throughout the Archdiocese whose commitment to others honors the life and work of Sister Dorothy Stang, '49. Sister Dorothy was called to serve the people of Brazil in 1966, and murdered in 2005 for standing up for the poor and disenfranchised and the land she loved.
  • The Sister Dorothy Stang Award was awarded to just 10 people throughout the Archdiocese who exemplify the values of Sister Dorothy through their commitment to social justice, service, and teaching. The very first of these awards to be presented was to a member of the CJ class of 2010, Cora Harrison.  Cora was nominated for her involvement at CJ, including the National Honor Society, Student Council, Pro-life Club, Environmental Club, Junior Council on World Affairs, and a summer mission trip.  She also was instrumental in the creation of the Sister Dorothy Stang room at CJ. Over two years, Cora and a team of students and teachers painted murals of the life and ministry of Sister Dorothy on the walls of a large classroom space.  Today, that space, now a community meeting room, beautifully tells the story and dream of Sr. Dorothy. Other seniors involved in the creation of the Sister Dorothy Stang murals are: Nola Lee, Boris Mugisha, Romeo Kwihangana, Sarah Shanks, and Cedric Ntwali.

Special Recognitions

  • Eight graduates were recognized for their accomplishments in the National Merit Scholarship and the National Achievement Scholarship Programs. Commended: Lauren Clark, Michelle Martinek, Matthew Menker and Sarah Shanks
  • National Merit Finalists: Becky Anthony, Brianna Leddy, Michael Manovich, and Janine Steffan. Scholarship Recipient: Michael Manovich
  • Perfect Attendance: Caroline Meadors and Joe Scupski
  • For 15 consecutive quarters, the following students were named to the school's honor roll: Rebecca Anthony, David Baumgartner, Molly Bruggeman, Laken Ethun, Taryn Finley, Elizabeth Gleason, Madeline Kaminski, Romeo Kwihangana, Brianna Leddy, Erica Lunderman, Michael Manovich, Matthew Menker, Emma Meyer, Steffanie Minnifield, Casey Munn, Mary Nguyen, Brooke Place, Sarah Shanks, Janine Steffan, Elizabeth VanDorpe, and Sara Yoder.
  • The Ann Will Scholarship was established by the University of Dayton in honor of Ann Will--a dedicated teacher, counselor and adminstrator to Chaminade Julienne. It is awarded to two seniors who will attend UD. This year's recpieints are Michael Noonan and Rachel Wade.
  • Each year, juniors and seniors are selected for induction to CJ's chapter of the National Honor Society. Membership is based on the criteria f scholarship, leadership, service and character. Sixty-seven seniors are members of NHS: Rebecca Anthony, David Baumbartner, Katelyn bills, Jonathan Bonner, Rachael Bridgman, Colleen Brooks, Molly Bruggeman, Mollie Buerschen, Abigail Busse, Christina Chabali, Lauren Clark, Micaela Cronin, Brendan Dillon, Nicole Disbrow, Nicole Dresden, Erin Duffy, Taylor Dufresne, Laken Ethun, David Fan, Taryn Finley, Alexandra Flinn, Thomas Geglein, Elizabeth Gleason, Mari Hailu, Mallory Hall, Hannah Hampel, Cora Harrison, Jacqueline Herzer, Mason Hickey, Rachel Jancauskas, Madeline Kaminski, Timothy Koob, Romeo Kwihangana, Meghan Lefeld, Erica Lunderman, Danesa Marshall, Michelle Martinek, William McCormick, Mathew Menker, Emma Meyer, Nicholas Michel, Steffanie Minnifield, Anthony Moody, Casey Munn, Brooke Place, Christopher Poelking, Lauren Porter, Kiersten Sargent, Ariel Scaccia, Rebbeca Scheid, Sarah Shanks, Kayla Shelley, reonna Simmons, Joseph Staley, Janine Steffan, Anna Stoddard, Benjamin Trick, Elizabeth Van Dorpe, Michael Varcarcel, David Veintimillia, Christian Volk, Rachel Wade, Josselyn Wilimitis, Erin Wilson, Sara Yoder and Dominque Younger.
  • Each year, the National Association of Secondary School Principals recognizes high school student leaders. CJ's Principal’s Leadership Award goes this year to Mollie Buerschen.

Special Ohio Athletic Awards

  • The OHSAA presents an award to a male and female senior student who have attained academic excellence while participating in interscholastic sports. CJ's award winners this year are: Molly Bruggeman and Matthew Menker.
  • The Association also honors a senior male and female who have been outstanding in their efforts to promote sportsmanship in their school and community. The award is named for Archie Griffin, who has been active in promoting sportsmanship, ethics and integrity for many years. This year's recipients: David Cordonnier and Samantha Raiff.
  • The OHSAA has established an annual State sportsmanship, ethics and integrity award. This certificate is presented to an individual in the CJ community who is a positive role model for others, reflects high ethics and integrity in dealing with students, who demonstrates positive values and has contributed to the well being of our Chaminade Julienne community. The honoree for 2010 is Ann Meyers.
  • The 2010 OHSAA Courageous Student Award is awarded to Michael Varcacel, for his demonstration of extraordinary courage, leadership, and integrity.
  • The Harold E. Meyer Award for sportsmanship, ethics and integrity is sponsored by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  The OHSAA committee has selected schools for the 16th year.  The award is presented to schools that take significant steps in their schools and communities to not only emphasize sportsmanship to students, coaches, parents and fans, but also to emphasize the values of ethical behavior and integrity.  The winners are required to complete an eight part program in their schools and communities showing that they are promoting the specified values. Chaminade Julienne is always proud to receive this honor.

Ohio Academic Honors: In 2009, the members of the women’s and men’s varsity soccer teams earned all Ohio Academic Honors. This award signifies that these team members earned a team average 3.0GPA for the 2009 season. These teams and their players have demonstrated the ability to combine athletics and academics. Accepting for the women’s program and head coach Mary Raiff will be senior Rebecca Scheid. Accepting for the men’s program and coach Matt Money, will be senior, Matt Menker.

Eleven Seniors Sign With Colleges to Continue Athletic Careers: These students have signed to play sports for their respective colleges and universities next year. They are:

  • Laron Brown, Texas Southern (football)
  • Molly Bruggeman, University of Notre Dame (rowing)
  • Micaela Cronin, Cleveland State (golf)
  • Ally Flynn, Georgetown University (rowing)
  • Josh Garner, Youngstown State (football)
  • Lizzie Gleason, University of Dayton (cross country)
  • Andy Jomantas, NC State (football)
  • Madeline Kaminski, Cleveland State (golf)
  • Matt Vest, Wright State University (basketball)
  • Mileah Walker, Howard University (basketball)
  • Samarie Walker, University of Connecticut (basketball)

Samarie Walker was named to the McDonald’s All-American High School Basketball Team and was named Gatorade Player of the Year.

CJ Graduates 209

Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School held its commencement ceremony Monday, May 24 at the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center. Graduating first in his class is Michael Manovich. Barrett K. Robinson, MD, MPH, a Clinical Fellow in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and a 1995 graduate of Chaminade Julienne, delivered the commencement address, "Identity," to the 209-member class.

Achievements of the Class of 2010 include:

  • $11,203,540 in scholarships awarded to 118 graduates
  • 97% will advance to post-secondary learning
  • 3 members are entering the armed services
  • 11 athletes signed to play sports for a college or university
  • 8 graduates were recognized for their accomplishments in the National Merit Scholarship and the National Achievement Scholarship Programs.
  • Commended: Lauren Clark, Michelle Martinek, Matthew Menker and Sarah Shanks
  • National Merit Finalists: Becky Anthony, Brianna Leddy, Mike Manovich, and Janine Steffan
  • 29 served as Kairos leaders
  • 67 graduates are members of the National Honor Society
  • 54 graduates are Presidential Academic Award Recipients
  • 47 graduates are Ohio Award of Merit Recipients
  • 6 graduates are Presidential Achievement Award Recipients

This senior class, in conjunction with the student body of Chaminade Julienne, contributed over 9,550 services hours this year above the number of hours required by the school. Based on the Independent Sector’s value of a service hour ($20.85), CJ’s contribution to the local, national and international communities amounts to $199,154. As a class, the seniors contributed over 10,600 service hours during their four years at CJ with 35 students contributing over 100 hours each.

This year's graduates will be attending 62 colleges and universities, with a majority of the graduates will attend colleges and universities in Ohio including the University of Dayton, Ohio State University, Sinclair Community College and Wright State University. Graduates will also be attending post-secondary institutions across the country including Carnegie Mellon, University of Connecticut, Georgetown University, University of Notre Dame, and University of Pittsburgh.

Baccalaureate Mass was held Thursday, May 20 at Emmanuel Church in Dayton.

Milestones Celebrated

Congratulations to our teachers, educators and administrators who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in service to Catholic education. They are:

  • Erin Ketch, English (5 years)
  • John Marshall, principal (5 years)
  • Susan Eichenauer, guidance (10 years)
  • Jeni Elliott, guidance (10 years)
  • Bill Stachler, science (10 years)
  • Mary Ann Bray. life skills (20 years)
  • Nancy Egbers, math (20 years)
  • Tony Ricciuto, social studies (25 years)
  • Jim Brooks, English (30 years)

Part-time educators celebrating milestones:

  • Mike Kelly, English (5 years)
  • Beth Marshall, English (5 years)

The guidance counselors and full-time educators were recognized for their years of service at the annual teacher recognition awards held May 4 at the Presidential Banquet Center. The following teachers were also honored at this event for successfully earning an Innovative Teaching Grant from the Miami Valley Catholic Education Council and the Catholic Education Collaborative. CJ teachers won 3 of the 17 grants through this program, the most of any school in the area:

  • Ellen Fifarek, Bill Hughett, and Amy O'Loughlin
  • Gina Harrington
  • Meg Draeger, Bob Young, and (again) Amy O'Loughlin

At the banquet, Bob Jackson, who serves as the chairman of the Council and is the father of Emily Jackson '09, shared in his closing remarks, exerpts from a letter he had received from Emily from college, in which she talked about the valuable impact of her Catholic education at CJ. Bob said that Emily is very proud of being a CJ alumnae and thanks her teachers for all they did for her

Softball Team Makes an Impression

The CJ softball team knocked one out of the park May 8, as they spent Saturday afternoon volunteering their time to help young players improve their playing skills. About 120 young athletes in grades K-8 showed up in the inclement weather to get tips and instruction from the Lady Eagles.

"The girls did a great job working with the kids even in the wind and cold,” said Dee Bowling, CJ’s softball coach. “We were warming up inside right before the clinic, and then walked out the door. We saw kids everywhere. The turn-out was huge”

Bowling said that the clinic started out as favor to her friend, Doug Massie, the commissioner of Kettering’s KABC Little Leaguers. The idea was to show young girls some of the fundamentals of softball. Fifteen participants showed up the first year. The clinic has grown exponentially over the last two years and is now open to boys. This year also featured a two-hour coaches’ clinic with 25 attending.

“Dee is so well-received here, and the girls on her team were just great,” Massie said. “It was only 48 degrees out there, it was crazy. As cold as it was, not one of them complained. They were some of the sweetest girls you’d want to meet. CJ should be proud.

“I didn’t think the younger ones were going to show with the weather being so cold, but they did. It was great to see all the smiles and the fun they had. It was wonderful.”

Participants braving the weather quickly warmed up as they were split up into several groups and worked on batting, throwing, catching and rounding the bases. According to CJ junior and team captain, Lyndsey Diggs, coaching the young players was "exhilarating."

"I got to share what I love and what I'm passionate about with other people," said Diggs. "It made my day seeing them smiling, laughing, having fun--and seeing their faces light up after I gave them a hand shake or an encouraging word after they made a catch, threw the ball hard, or kept up with us girls. It was a great clinic this year!

The clinic is one of two service projects that softball players participate in each year, under the direction of Bowling and the leadership of the seniors and team captains.

"Coach Dee is all about giving back. Since we all have received so much, and have had mentors to look up, to she feels that it is our responsibility to give openly and willingly of our time and our talents that God has given us, which falls right in line with CJ's dedication to community service," Diggs said. "I personally think that our community service events our enjoyable and somehow I always end up having a great time."

Bowling, who is coaching the Eagles for her 11th year, believes that being involved with a high school team should be more than just playing the sport. “It helps the girls develop body, mind and spirit. For me, it's about showing the girls the skills they will need to succeed in life and not just preparing for the next game. That’s how you measure the success of the program. Providing community service is part of that.”

“We have a lot to be proud of in our kids at CJ,” said Bowling. “The girls represented CJ very well Saturday. They are a top notch group.”

Making "Littles" Smile

Little siblings from the Big Brother/Big Sister program were on hand at CJ's 4th annual service award assembly, held May 5, to honor their "Big Brothers and Sisters" who were being recognized for their volunteer work. The "Littles," coming from St. Rita and Ruskin, took great delight in climbing onto the stage and introducing themselves one-by-one to their entertained audience.

Once the last student had her turn at the microphone, everyone cleared the stage for the students from St. Rita who performed their "Thank You" song--complete with artwork.

Ruskin students were quick to say what they liked most about their time spent with their "Bigs." Kiera said that she enjoyed making a basketball shoot game with her big sister, Adina Seabrook '10, while her classmate, Heavenly, said that she thought her big sister, Lauren Smith '10 was nice.

"We made bird food and a feeder. We played together and made pictures."

According to Smith, who will attend North Carolina A&T next year, being part of the Big Brother/Big Sister program allowed her "more interaction in working with kids" and a new kind of experience volunteering. Last year, she was involved with the "Stories Come Alive" program until it ended. She signed up for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program because it involved kids.

"I really love kids, so I like being able to give back to them and be a part of changing their lives. I like to see them smile," she said. "That is a great accomplishment."

CJ Celebrates Service

At the 4th annual CJ service awards assembly, students were honored for volunteering over 9,551 of service hours this past year--a total representing hours over and above those that students are required to fulfill as part of the school's curriculum.

"According to the Independent Sector, the value of an hour of volunteering is $20.85," said Kelli Kinnear, director of ministry and service. "In other words, your service has contributed $199,154 to our local, national and international communities.

"We live in a society that chooses to idolize and award people because of money, power and fame. Today we choose to honor you, our CJ students, because you have chosen to be people of compassion, integrity and service."

Joining Kinnear, and members of the ministry and service department, Brett Chmiel and Marilyn McCrate, in recognizing students for their voluneerism, were community members David Kelly, blood drive coordinator for Community Blood Center, and Melissa Pangaean, manager of volunteer and auxiliary resources for St. Vincent de Paul Hotel Gateway Center.

Kelly presented the school with the Community Blood Center's Life Saving Ambassador Club's gold certificate in recognition for the students' participation in the annual blood drive. He was also grateful to the students who served on the Center's focus groups in 2009 so that their staff would understand how to better reach out to high school students.

"CJ has a long-standing commitment to our Center," he said. "We depend on schools like CJ, so that we can supply area hospitals with blood."

Pangaean took the opportunity to name CJ students who were deeply committed to serving St. Vincent over the past years in various ways. "CJ students come with a 'can do' attitude and willingness to serve others. You come with a servant's heart and nature," she said. "You all have been a special blessing to me.

"Volunteerism changes the lives of those you commit to serve and brings positive input into your own life. I encourage you to make a difference in your community--get involved and volunteer today."

Other honored guests included young students from St. Rita and Ruskin who participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. After introducing themselves to the CJ community on stage, the students from St. Rita sang a special thank you song for their "Bigs." (featured photo)


2010 Recognition for Achievement

Throughout the assembly, many students stepped across the stage or were spotlighted for their involvement with ministry and service. Students were honored for their work with FLIGHT (Faith Leaders in God's Hands Today); homeroom representatives; and degrees of service above their requirements.

Students earned the bronze award for 25-49 hours of service; silver award for 50-99 hours of service; and the gold award for over 100 hours served. Senior Beth VanDorpe was recognized for accumulating the most hours of service during her four years at CJ: 628 hours.

Senior Nathan Rosenbauer was recognized as the recipient of this year’s Dayton LaSertoma Youth Service Award for being a leader in service, while seniors Kayla Shelley and Annie Stoddard were recognized as two of four recipients of this year's Womanline scholarships for their work in mobilizing the CJ community through their "Loose Change, Loosen Chains" project.


CJ Service Awards

The assembly ended after the presentation of two scholarships that are awarded annually to underclassmen whose leadership in service make them stand-outs in their junior and sophomore classes.

This year's Sister Ruth Ann Service Award was presented to Cassie Zehenny '11. "Cassie has given many volunteer hours to various community organizations, including the House of Bread, Aullwood Audubon Center, St. Vincent Hotel and more," said Kinnear. "Cassie describes service in her own words, 'Community Service means giving back what’s been given to you.  I have been given so many blessings in my life and doing…service is my way of thanking God and letting him know I’m grateful for all that I have…(It) is a way for me to strengthen my relationship with God, feel better about myself, meet new friends, and experience new things.'”

The Sister Ruth Ann Service Award is given each year to recognize a junior who exhibits the commitment and spirit of Sister Ruth Ann Bange, SND, who served the Chaminade Julienne community for 26 years as a teacher, assistant principal, and member of the administrative team. This award is based on cumulative hours in the community service program and the role of service in one's life.

The George Early Scholarship was presented to Maggie Switzer '12. "Maggie has contributed many hours to serving CJ, including helping with the spaghetti dinner, freshman orientation and summer writing camp," said Kinnear. "She has also been very involved with her parish, working at pancake breakfasts, bazaars, and Vacation Bible School. After she attended one of CJ’s mission trips, she described her reaction:  'I felt that I really liked service and I started to do more than I did before the mission trip.  I like to see people’s days get better and I like the idea of making a difference, even if it is small.  Community Service is not about me, it’s about (helping) people to get what they need.'"

The George Early Scholarship is given to a sophomore student who has distinguished him or herself as a servant leader. It was created to encourage ongoing service and to honor a person who is an example of Christian service for the Chaminade Julienne community. Early retired from CJ in 1986 after devoting 50 years of his life to CJ community.  A George Early recipient is a person who responds to the needs of people around them and who has made a commitment to making the world a better place.  Recipients exemplify the initiative and community responsibility that we are called to by our faith.


Required Service Hours

Ministry and service is an integral part of the Catholic educational experience at CJ. Each year students are required to perform service work as part of the curriculum. The number of hours required depend on a student's grade level:

  • Freshman: 2 hours per year
  • Sophomore: 400 minutes per year
  • Junior: 25 hours per year
  • Senior: active involvement with the senior project (research on missions and the development and promotion of projects to raise community awareness and support of the mission)

Service hours are accumulated and tallied from the first day of summer break through the first days in May. The cumulative total of service hours announced during the annual service awards assembly represent the number of hours served over and above the students' required service hours.

Bishop Leibold Students Lend Hands

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than spending time in the beautiful hiking trails at the Marianist Environmental Education Center. CJ students and 7th grade students from Bishop Leibold School cleared away invasive plants that were overtaking the natural vegetation. The project was part of an overall effort to bring Global Youth Service Day to Dayton through a collaborative United Way initiative, coordinated by representatives from Chaminade Julienne, University of Dayton, Habitat for Humanity and Catholic Social Services, among others.

Kelli Kinnear, ministry and service director at CJ, decided to use this service project as an outreach to area grade schools, while providing CJ students the opportunity to be leaders to younger students. She was pleased with the response from Bishop Leibold. "The principal, Paul Beyerle, knows all about the meaning of service. He has an appreciation for what we accomplish with our service program at CJ.

"The Leibold students were great. They were comfortable with the experience," Kinnear said. "They were out on the trails; it was a beautiful day. The kids had a great time. The coordinator at MEEC said that he was very impressed by how much we had accomplished. We ended our time there with a short prayer service led by Sister Leanne Jablonski."

Back at CJ, the students and their families were treated to a pizza dinner and had the opportunity to learn more about Chaminade Julienne. Kinnear believes that because this was a good experience for all involved, it will pave the way for future service projects where grade school and CJ students work side-by-side, enabling younger students to learn more about CJ's approach to serving others.