June 2010

CJ STEMM Awarded $35,000

Chaminade Julienne was among ten schools in the region awarded grants for their work in STEM-focused programs for the coming school year. CJ STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, and the second "M" at CJ represents medicine) will put its $35,000 share of the $285,000+ grant from the Dayton STEM Hub to work immediately, according to Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM coordinator.

"Winning this grant means that we are able to implement the complete sequence of courses required to be certified by Project Lead the Way," she said. Project Lead the Way is a nationally recognized curriculum that provides rigorous, collaborative and hands-on courses in engineering and biomedical sciences. CJ was the first, and remains the only, Catholic high school in Ohio tooffer Project Lead the Way courses to its students.

"With these funds, we will be able to more fully equip our engineering protyping lab, and add computers to the biomedical lab. The grant will also help fund professional development for our teachers, and send them to the Project Lead the Way national summit this fall," Draeger said.

"I am excited about CJ winning this award. I think the things that impressed them (Dayton STEM Hub) the most about our program were that we are the only area Catholic high school positioned as a leader in STEM education, and we provide outreach to students in elementary schools.

"Another big reason we succeeded in winning funding is that we are well-connected to area resources from institutions of higher education, industry and business, and numerous STEMM educational partners."

Draeger said that she is extremely appreciative of the support, interaction and educational opportunities that the University of Dayton, Sinclair Community College, and Wright State University have provided CJ students. She is equally impressed and thankful for the enthusiasm, time and support provided by numerous Chaminade Julienne alumni who are professionals in STEMM careers, and who are willing to give of their time to as presenters and mentors to CJ students, and advisors to our STEMM initiative.

"It is satisfying to know that the STEMM initiative at CJ, now a year and a half in, has gotten a significant boost from the regional STEM community. This financial endorsement will help stay the course and fully implement the program in the coming years," Draeger said.


Pictured above:

Chaminade Julienne alumus Chris Murray '86 was one of many guests invited to CJ this past year to share their knowledge and passion for STEMM-related careers with students. Murray, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, visited the students of anatomy classes taught by Amy O'Loughlin '86. During his sessions, he encouraged students to think through why they want to go to college and to find something that they want to "knuckle down for."

"I think one of the toughest decisions to make is what you want to do for a living. You need to ask yourselves, 'What do I want to go to school for?' You want it to be the right decision. School is a ton of money."

Murray relayed how he believed that he would be an engineer some day, but was not crazy about the amount and degree of math that was involved. Then he discovered biomedicine and appreciated how much it had in common with the principles of engineering. Now he spends his days delivering anesthesia to patients undergoing medical procedures—he is in charge of managing their pain relief, airway and is ready to respond to emergency situations.

"My job is to make sure that a patient is safe during surgery and offer emotional and physical comfort. You have to be vigilant and competent.
The entire surgical team must work together to ensure a good outcome for each patient." He described several of his experiences working with patients, and said that he has met about 12,000 in his 10 years in his career.

As part of his presentation, Murray described the amount of education involved in becoming a certified nurse anesthetist as well as the benefits to those who successfully complete the program. "Most start at $130,000-$145,000, 40 hours a week with 5-6 weeks paid vacation. There are always jobs, though this job isn't just for everybody."

Starting Summer Serving Others

For 14 CJ students, the first days of summer vacation meant packing a small bag and heading to Cincinnati for a little "R&R" for the soul. The group had agreed to spend a week void of TV, computers, texting and electronics in exchange for the experience of serving Cincinnati's poor.

Each day began and ended with group prayer and reflection while the remaing daylight hours were spent assisting at a food line for the homeless, working at a low income daycare center, or doing behind-the-scenes work at low income home agencies. When members of the group convened each evening at the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor retreat center in St. Bernard, they shared in open and candid discussions about the day's experiences. They also enjoyed each other's company, getting to know one another a little better through fun conversation and sharing in games. A fantastic and eye-opening start to the summer!

—by Deacon Jim Walworth, director of development; mission trip chaperone

What Are You Doing Today?

For some, high school gym class will forever evoke memories of trying out the sport of the week in a hot gym only to arrive in your next class period tired and slightly melted. For summer gym students at CJ, those memories will be slightly different.

Bowling, swimming, roller skating, golf, hiking, track day and rock climbing are some of the activities students look forward to when they decide on attending one of two summer gym sessions at CJ. According to summer gym coordinator and teacher, John Zaidain, the high ropes, low ropes and rock climbing activites were an added feature this year, "I'm always open to new ideas and stumble into some of them."

Freshman Trinity Pitts knew ahead of time that the wall climbing activity was going to be an element of summer gym, but was surprised that the aparatus was brought to CJ's campus. "This is fun," she said. "I'm glad that I signed up for summer gym because I'm getting the chance to meet other kids coming into CJ as freshman. I'm getting to know who they are ahead of time."

She also said that she likes the fact that she will not have to worry about squeezing in gym during school time. "It won't have to take gym during the school year, and go to my next class all sweaty." A concept most can appreciate.

CJ Announces New AD

Chaminade Julienne has hired Jon Payne as athletic director effective July 1. Payne comes to the school with a strong background in education and school administration, serving as the athletic director for West Carrollton Schools from 2003-2008 and for Monroe Local Schools from 2000-2002. He currently holds the position of administrative manager for the Indian Prairie School District in Illinois.

“We had an excellent pool of candidates to consider,” said John Marshall, CJ principal. “Our search committee was both pleased and excited by the number of outstanding educators and leaders who wanted to be part of the CJ athletic tradition.

“Jon emerged from this process as someone who we are confident can quickly and effectively step in the shoes of his predecessors. He comes highly recommended and we’ve had the opportunity to get to know him better these past weeks. Based on his experience as an educator, administrator, coach and athletic director, we believe in his ability to carry forward the excellent tradition of our athletic program,” Marshall said.

“He is coming in at a time when CJ is expanding its athletic facilities to include a new student conditioning center which will open at the end of summer. Helping with this expansion, meeting coaches and students, and coordinating our program will keep him pretty busy from the start.”

Payne says that he is eager to return to the Dayton area and is excited about joining a school that has a strong reputation in the community.

“CJ is a school with an outstanding history and athletic program. The initial goal is to maintain that level of excellence. That bar is already way up there,” said Payne. “I plan on building on that success, and raising that bar a little higher.”

Payne said that he will spend his initial time at CJ “getting go know everybody.” Starting July 1, he will be meeting with coaches, student athletes and parents, reviewing the athletic program and learning the culture of the school.

He looks forward to returning to the duties of athletic director, and talked about his passion for the job in shanghai. “I enjoy seeing the look of success on the faces of athletes and coaches. That might be when someone breaks a personal record, or when a team wins an important game or a championship. I love seeing that look of achievement and happiness.

“I miss that. It’s a good feeling to have.”

Pledge It Forward

As the newest alumni members of Chaminade Julienne, 139 members of the Class of 2010 have made a five-year pledge to the annual fund through a program called “Pledge It Forward.” Mike Lehner, assistant development director, is thrilled with the class's response to this new initiative.

"The fact that 67% of the class made a commitment to participate in the annual fund will make it the most active annual fund class in CJ's history," he said.

Those participating in 'Pledge It Forward,' have committed to makimg $75 worth of gifts over the next five years for a class total of $10,400.

"This commitment says alot about our students and about how much they appreciate the type of education that they received at CJ. They want to help ensure that others have the same kinds of opportunities that they enjoyed as CJ Eagles," Lehner said.

Pictured above, senior class members present Daniel Meixner, school president, with a check representing their combined class pledge to Chaminade Julienne.

Music Master Class

Grade school band students from Precious Blood, St Rita, and Holy Angels came to CJ May 27 for a musical day of fun, exploration and learning. They heard performances by college ensembles, motivating them to perform well for their evening concert, playing as a combined band. Their day of music included sectionals and masterclasses led by college music majors. J.P. Gregory '02, admission coordinator, made sure that they took a break from the music action by arming the young musicians with t-shirts and paint so that the could create their own spirit shirts. The day was enjoyable experience for the CJ music staff, CJ band students, and the college students who led the masterclasses.

Debi Schutt, CJ music director, was pleased with the results and intends to offering this opportunity again to grade school students next year.