July 2017

Senior Selected to A Cappella Academy

Angelo Moore-Knight '18 took his talents to California this summer after being selected for the A Cappella Academy.

"It was such an honor to be a part of something so huge," Moore-Knight reflected. 

The camp was held at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles from June 29-July 9. 

"When you first step on campus, you immediately feel the love," Moore-Knight said. "The environment at ACA is all loving.

"A Cappella Academy was also a great educational experience," Moore-Knight continued. "While in a concert by Resound, I learned several things including when the alto of the group said, 'When singing with a group, you all should be a smoothie not a mixed salad. You shouldn't sing as a group of vocalist. You should sing as a blending group of musicians.'"

As part of the experience, Moore-Knight had opportunities to learn different aspects of a cappella signing through courses and was put into a group to work with as well.

"My group, Almost Midnight, was literally a joy to work with," Moore-Knight gushed. "Everyone in the group was beyond talented. In the a cappella world, the bass and vocal percussion should be solid, connected and gelled together as a rhythm section. As you know, I am a bass. My rhythm section partner was a Boston high school graduate named Ian who had been a part of ACA since it started. I felt very nervous to work alongside him but he made me feel loved and welcomed. Since we created a connection, as soon as we started singing, we gelled immediately! It was fantastic!"

Moore-Knight added, "If there is anyone who is very passionate about music and a cappella, audition for ACA. It's not Disney World. But, A Cappella Academy is definitely the happiest place on earth."

Posted July 28, 2017

Watch: Students Share Experiences From Steubenville Conference

Peace, laughter, pure joy.

Those were a few of the emotions students used to describe their experience attending a Steubenville Conference from July 7-9.

Along with speakers, students participated in adoration, Mass, and reflection time.

The CJ group, led by teachers Tim and Amy O'Loughlin, shared what they called life-changing experiences from the conference. You can watch the group's reflection here.

Mr. O'Loughlin said he intends to continue taking students to Steubenville Conferences in the future. Additional information about Steubenville Conferences can be found here.

Posted July 21, 2017

Marianist Schools Unite in Solsberry

Students embarked on a new adventure when they traveled to Solsberry, Indiana for a week-long mission trip.

"After seeing the mission trips presentation during school, I went home and asked my older sister, who had already graduated, to see what she thought about the trips," shared Zoe Mason '20. "She told me that her biggest regret from high school was not going on a mission trip, which made me influenced to go on one. Some of my friends had gone to Solsberry last year, so I asked them if they enjoyed it, and everyone seemed to like it, so I thought that it would be a good idea to go."

Working alongside a group from Moeller High School in Cincinnati, which is also a Marianist school, the students completed service projects, had reflection time, and fun.

"Going into the mission trip, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, yet I ended up loving it," Mason said. "I enjoyed doing the service with my small group, yet my favorite part was being at the farm and spending time with everyone else. I was able to meet new people who I ended up spending a lot of time with since we went with a group of boys from Moeller, and I met some people I didn’t know very well from CJ."

Mason added, "Before going on the mission trip, I had done service before, yet I was never really face to face with those who are actually affected by what we are doing. I didn’t expect to see this on the trip as much as I did. It was amazing to be able to see the effect moving items, or even just folding clothes had on people."

Posted July 18, 2017

New Men's and Women's Golf Head Coaches Announced

New head coaches are bringing their expertise to the men's and women's Eagle golf teams.

Larry Herrmann, the head golf professional at the Miami Valley Golf Club, has been named the men's golf head coach. Herrmann, who has been with the Miami Valley Golf Club for three years and a PGA professional for 36 years, said his knowledge of the course and the sport will be assets to the team.

"The boys have already been practicing," Herrmann noted. "I'm teaching them while they're practicing and that's a big plus for them.

"Coming from Columbus, I wasn't aware of CJ at first," Herrmann continued. "A lot of Miami Valley Golf Club members are from CJ and have a strong support for the school, so I'm looking forward to being a part of the community and a good year."

Todd Shuttleworth, previously the head varsity golf coach at Greenon High School, has been named the women's golf head coach. Shuttleworth, an Ascension parishioner, has a daughter who will be attending CJ next year.

"I'm very excited because CJ has had a great women's golf program," Shuttleworth said. "I'm very excited to get involved and continue the great tradition."

Shuttleworth said while his daughter plans to be on the swim team, he's looking forward to having an even bigger part in the CJ community.

"What really excites me about the school is to get involved in the Catholic community here," Shuttleworth noted.

The women's golf team had another successful season in the fall of 2016 by advancing to the Division II State Golf Championship for an eighth consecutive season. The team placed 6th overall.

Posted July 13, 2017


Eagles Take Part in Augsburg Exchange

Lifelong friendships emerged when students traveled to Augsburg, Germany as part of the Dayton Sister Cities Youth Exchange. Groups from CJ have traveled to Augsburg and visited Jakob-Fugger Gymnasium on odd-numbered years, while students from Jakob-Fugger have come to CJ and Dayton on even-numbered years.

"I was interested in going on this trip because of my older brothers' experiences with the entire exchange," Emsley Spees '18 shared. "Getting to meet my brothers' host students and learning about the program at a young age, I have always been interested in doing it myself once I was able to."

The CJ group, led by Tony Ricciuto '74, stayed with host families of teenagers who attend Jakob-Fugger. While each family had their own schedules, the students and their hosts, as a larger group, traveled to Jakob-Fugger and local landmarks during the trip.

"Being able to see and learn about the different culture was extremely interesting," said Justin Arestides '19. "The most fun and interesting part for me was probably going to the town of Landsburg. The city was very beautiful and nice. The church in Landsburg was also wonderful to see."

Spees added, "Taking a day trip to Austria was for sure my favorite part! We got to swim all day, see the Alps, and at night we went to a restaurant high up in a mountain and had the most beautiful view of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland! I also just enjoyed getting to spend time with the German students because they have truly become very close friends."

"Knowing that I was part the exchange makes me feel pretty good," Arestides noted. "I loved this trip and I am excited to host a German student next summer. This trip will probably be one of the highlights of my high school experience."

Spees agreed, "It feels good to take part in something like this and spread the values and culture of CJ and the United States all the way across the ocean! I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in this exchange because I have been able to make the most incredible bonds with people I would never even know existed if I hadn't made this trip. I have created lifelong friendships with so many new people, and I can't wait to see them again!"

Pictures (including the one above) from the students' travels, taken by chaperone Perry McLeod, can be found here.

Posted July 10, 2017