August 2017

CJ Community Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

As Chaminade Julienne students, faculty, staff and friends celebrated the first all-school Mass of the new school year, school chaplain Fr. Bob Jones inspired the CJ community with the new phrase #bethechangeCJ. This comes on the heels of last year's phrase, #bemercyCJ.

Prior to the Mass, students in the FLIGHT (Faith Leaders in God’s Hands Today) group brainstormed ways they could be the change and reflected on how the CJ community might help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The group decided to take a three-pronged approach:

Before Friday, September 1, the CJ community is encouraged to contribute cases of water and bring them to the school's Welcome Center. The cases will be taken to Sinclair Community College which is working with the Dayton Foodbank to collect a semi full of water cases to be taken to the Houston area.

During the week of September 5, contributions will be collected to support a charity working in the affected flood area. FLIGHT members are researching which organization will receive the contributions.

FLIGHT members also said they are aware of future hardships the Houston area may encounter, and will continue researching other ways to raise awareness throughout the school year.

"As Fr. Bob mentioned in his homily this morning, the Gospel calls us to be people of compassion," Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service noted. "Collecting bottled water - a basic necessity of life - is one small way we can help our brothers and sisters caught in the devastation of Hurricane Harvey."

Posted August 30, 2017

Current Students and Alumni Form New A Cappella Group

This summer, current and graduate members of the CJ a cappella group, Vega, harmonized again as part of a new a cappella group, Lyra. The group came together for the Midwest Semifinal of the International Championship of A Cappella Open.

"Varsity Vocals, the company that puts on the competition that Vega and Phoenix compete in, announced at the end of last year that they were planning on hosting an open competition that anyone could enter," explained Lyra member and director of Phoenix, Maddie Brown '13. "Any group from new to professional could enter and there would be no age restrictions. A few alumni decided to put together a group of CJ students and alumni who are or have been members of Vega."

Members of Lyra include Cassidy Aughe '15, Brown, Sam Brown '18, Jacob Ely '18, Katy Harrington '15, Addi Helms '15, Tucker Helms, Angelo Moore-Knight '18, David Marshall '15, Caitlin Pearn '13, and Sean Stewart '16.

"Most of us were in town for the summer, but we only had one day of rehearsal with everyone in the group," Brown shared. "Through the summer, we did the most work we possibly could with those available. We Skyped the others and sent notes and recordings to those who weren't in town to keep everyone on the same page."

The group received a third place rating in the competition.

When coming up with the group name, Brown said, "Lyra is the constellation in which the star Vega is found. This group is made up of six generations of Vega members. We went into the competition with no expectations other than to have a great time together pursuing our passion of a cappella. Receiving a third place rating completely blew us away. We are so happy that all of the hard work and emotion we put into our set came through to the judges and audience.

"We would love to perform locally as long as we have enough people to make it work," Brown continued. "It would be great to participate in this competition again next year. The outcome we received really validated all of the hard work we put into the group."

Posted August 25, 2017

Teachers Expand Their Classroom at Roger Glass Stadium

While Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles is known for mostly hosting athletic events, the stadium has provided learning opportunities for all students. Several teachers have used the stadium and its amenities for multiple lessons outside the classroom walls.

"The stadium has expanded my classroom activities especially for honors physics," science teacher Amanda Duritsch said. "I am able to utilize exciting applications of physics content for the students and now have a space to do those that you cannot do inside a normal building (launching marbles into a small bin from a large height, water balloon aiming, egg drop, projectiles).  It is great to have a wide open space that I can use for multiple classes throughout the year." 

This week, Duritsch took her physical science classes to the stadium as the groups worked on converting units from yards to meters. 

"Roger Glass Stadium is not only the premier outdoor facility in the region, it is also a venue for our entire community to take advantage of and utilize," Brian Reinhart, Director of Athletics, reflected. "We encourage our teachers at CJ to use the vast space and elements into their lessons to have a truly hands on experience.

"From Miss Duritsch using it for physics to drop water balloons off the top of the bleachers, to Mrs. Dozer using it for physical education classes, it is a valuable resource that is used throughout the day to literally expand our classrooms," Reinhart continued.

Duritsch also noted, "The most beneficial part is that the students get to merge their sports  and extracurricular experience on that field with their science experience from the classroom. They realize that the two are not separate but always intertwined."

Posted August 24, 2017

CJ Welcomes New Faculty and Staff Members

The new school year is bringing new faces to the CJ community. In addition to several new educators, there are also new members serving the school administration.

Emily Benson is the administrative assistant in the athletic office, replacing Kat Zehenny who retired after 15 years of service to CJ. Benson graduated from Ashford University in 2014 and is an active coach in the Dayton Juniors Volleyball Program.

DeMarcus Davis is the school's Marianist PULSE volunteer for the school year. After graduating from fellow Marianist school, St. Mary's High School, Davis attended Fontbonne University and St. Louis University with a degree in marketing and communications.

Kate Elder, sister to Emily Saunders, is the administrative assistant in the guidance office. Elder is the proud mother of three children who attend Ascension.

Katie (Brown) Espino '03 is the assistant to the president. She comes from Wright State University where she served as a coordinator of the office of Latino affairs.

Jeremy Greenleaf began serving CJ earlier this year as the assistant athletic director. Greenleaf, a Morehead State graduate, is also an assistant coach on the Eagles football team.

Luke Grieshop joins the performing arts department as the director of Eagle Pride. Grieshop graduated from the University of Dayton earlier this year with a degree in music education.

Abbey Saurine returns to CJ after student teaching at the school in 2016-2017. Saurine is teaching in the religion and English departments.

Sarah Wilker also returns to CJ after student teaching at the school in 2015-2016. Wilker just completed a year of service through Marianist PULSE and is teaching math and religion classes.

Gretchen Wolfe is an additional intervention specialist in Cuvilly. Wolfe has served as the Eagles women's volleyball coach since 2016.

Additionally this school year, CJ is beginning a pilot program with the College of Engineering at the University of Dayton. Saad Qureshi, Steve Goodman, Bro. Tchamie Kadja, S.M., Mehdi Moazen and Shumoel Arbaaz are all doctoral candidates from UD and are teaching the five sections of Project Lead the Way - Engineering courses.

Welcome to CJ!

Posted August 23, 2017

CJ To Host 2nd Annual Kid's Night Under the Lights

POSTPONED - Kid's Night Under the Lights will be Sunday, August 20 from 7-8:30 p.m.

Rain or shine, the second annual Kid's Night Under the Lights will be held at Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles on Sunday, August 20 from 7-8:30 p.m. If weather conditions are not favorable, all activities will be moved to CJ's Student Conditioning Center, located across the street from Roger Glass Stadium.

Activities planned for the event include a football toss, 40-yard dash, and soccer shots. Food will also be available at the event, and families are encouraged to bring a contribution of a non-perishable food item which will be given to The Foodbank.

Families with students entering in grades K-8 are invited to Kid's Night Under the Lights. A preview of the event can be seen on the CJ Facebook page or from WDTN's Living Dayton program.

Posted August 17, 2017

Students Accepted Into Elite Summer Program

Only 32 students across the nation were accepted into the Foundation for Teaching Economics' Economics for Leaders program over the summer, and an Eagle was one of them.

Jake Jagels '18 attended an Economics and Leadership Camp at Oberlin University over the summer.  

"The economics lessons were taught by the chair of the economics department at Clemson University, Scott Baier," Jagels shared. "The lectures were interesting and engaging, taught by a fantastic professor, and the economic lessons were driven home with activities like a mock stock market, water rights dispute, and foreign currency trading. 

"The leadership activities helped me to become a better leader and focused on how important it is to work as a team, not just in economics, but also in life," Jagels continued. "The leadership activities were taught by a fantastic CJ grad, Leslie Bourne '79."

The camp also allowed the students to have recreation time, which included a trip to Cedar Point.

Jagels, reflecting on his overall experience, said, "I am very glad that CJ provided me with the opportunity to further my education outside the classroom."

Additionally, two students attended Economics For Leaders camps across the nation. David Teague '18 attended one camp and Samantha Evans '18 attended a camp at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"The economics lessons taught me a lot, but the two things that stood out to me are that I have to take risks, but only if I really think it's worth it," Evans shared. "I will use what I learned and experienced during leadership at CJ. Time in leadership taught me a lot through many different activities and conversations, but a few of the things I'll bring to CJ include: Can I? standing for Constant And Neverending Improvement, which motivates and challenges me to do something if it'll help me to improve myself or something else, making sure that everyone's standard of excellence is met, meaning that I will make sure that if something meets my standards and goals it also meets those of others involved, understanding and respecting others' leadership styles so that they too can lead in an effective way, and taking the time to listen to others' ideas and points of view.

"Leadership gifted me with skills that I can use when I'm leading in FLIGHT and MLC at CJ and other parts of my life, but also provided me with skills that I can use when I'm following others, so I can help them be the best leader possible," Evans continued. "This weeklong was nothing short of life-changing and I'm so grateful that I had this opportunity."

Posted August 15, 2017



Eagle Pride Prepares for New Season

Members of the Eagle Pride band and color guard have several new things to look forward to this fall - new uniforms, a new show, and a new director who is already looking ahead to the future of the program.

Luke Grieshop was announced as the new director of Eagle Pride in May. Grieshop, a graduate of the University of Dayton, will also serve as music teacher at Our Lady of the Rosary School.

"I'm very excited and eager to be here," Grieshop said. "There have been so many changes recently and it's a proud time to be a part of the marching band."

In February, Sam Rinehart '69 pledged 50 new band and color guard uniforms for Eagle Pride and up to 50 more in the coming years.

"The new uniforms and the new direction of the band, it's all exciting," Grieshop continued.

Eagle Pride will be performing to the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy this year. Members will also perform out in the community throughout the fall season.

"We're excited to provide students additional opportunities like band day at UD and give them all the experience they need to continue doing marching band in the future if they choose," Grieshop noted.

Eagle Pride will perform during Meet the Eagles on Tuesday, August 15. The first home varsity football will be Friday, September 1.

Posted August 10, 2017

FLIGHT Retreat Held for New and Former Members

Students may not be meeting in the classroom every day until later this month, but in July, members of the Faith Leaders in God’s Hands Today (FLIGHT) Class of 2018 gathered to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Members of FLIGHT are from the senior class. The students prepare monthly liturgies, lead retreats, plan service activities and provide prayer experiences for the CJ community.

"The purpose of our summer retreat is to provide the FLIGHT members time for community building, prayer and to prepare for the upcoming school year," shared Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. "Last year's FLIGHT group (under the guidance of the adults) lead the reflections, prayers and teachings for our new FLIGHT group. By the end of the retreat, the new group had already begun planning our opening school Mass and the freshman orientation session. They were also assigned their committees for the year.

Kinnear added, "Because Fr. Bob joined us on the retreat, we were also able to celebrate Mass together."

During the retreat, in addition to Mass and reflections, the two FLIGHT groups shared laughs through team building activities.

"I really enjoyed how eager everyone in the new FLIGHT group was to bond and come up with ideas together for the upcoming year," said Claire Kneblik '18. "One of the groups that I was in came up with several new and different ideas to improve the faith life in CJ and get kids motivated to express their faith.

Kneblik continued, "I loved how excited everyone was to be together, and it made us all really pumped to be faith leaders this upcoming school year!"

Posted August 8, 2017

CJ Faculty, Staff Attend Marianist Lay Assembly

Faculty and staff members recently joined Marianists from around the country when the national Marianist Lay Assembly was held at the University of Dayton July 13-16.

For many of the attendees, this was their first assembly. Jama Badinghaus, CJ counselor, said this was her second assembly with her first being in San Antonio in 2014.

Badinghaus and Caitlin Bennett, CJ choir and drama teacher, were members of the planning team for the assembly. Badinghaus was a member of the Temporalities Committee and was involved with logistics and sorting through the details for the space, organizing the food, and helping attendees get to the right spot. Bennett and her husband were the heads of Education and planned all of the workshops.

CJ participants shared that some of their favorite experiences from the assembly were attending different workshops and hearing from speakers throughout the three day event.

"The most notable experiences I participated in were the Keynote Speakers," said Badinghaus. "Sr. Simone Camball, SSM, Executive Director of NETWORK, spoke candidly about the danger of individualism in our society and the impact it is having on our ability to work together for the common good.  She suggested that the Marianists may have some keys to what our world needs most, and was affirming of the Marianist call to community and inclusivity.  Bro. Ray Fitz, SM (CJ Board of Directors) spoke of the need for all in the Marianist Family to work toward being a Prophetic Presence in the world and challenged all to consider ways that we may step outside of our comfort zones into 'voluntary displacement' to better understand and support those who stand in the margins of our communities.  These keynotes were challenging and a reminder that the work of Mission is never completed."

"It was a very impactful three days, with many good challenges about what it means to be a Lay Marianist and a Catholic today," agreed Bennett. "There were good challenges about what we should do not only nationally, but also in the city of Dayton when it comes to urban poverty."

Tim Dillon, CJ Religion department chair added, "Although I have various connections to the Marianist Family, it was an honor to be there as a member of the CJ educational community of faith. I was proud that several CJ members played significant roles in bringing the Assembly to life.  My interactions with members of other Marianist schools helped reinforce that CJ is blessed with a unique spirit, and that we are a part of the wider Marianist community."

Marianist Lay Assemblies occur every three years, with the next assembly scheduled for 2020. 

"It is a unique opportunity to gather with Marianists from all branches of the Family to help strengthen the conversation of what it means to be living the Charism as individuals and perhaps more importantly as a whole," Badinghaus reflected. "We hope that CJ will have even more representation at the next Assembly in 2020!"

Judi MacLeod '88, Cuvilly director added, "People were very helpful and learning and seeing in practice Marianist ways from other cultures and places. I really enjoyed it and was very proud to be part of CJ."

Posted August 2, 2017