$200,000 in Scholarships Available for Class of 2021

Eighth grade students with a passion for ministry & service, language arts, performing arts, and STEMM are encouraged to apply for scholarships in those areas.

"Any student who is in the eighth grade, who has a desire to come to CJ, and excels in any of those four areas can qualify," said Brett Chmiel '02, admissions director.

There are $200,000 worth of scholarships. Each are renewable, four-year scholarships ranging between $1,000 - $3,000 per-year.

"The scholarships are not rewarded based upon the High School Placement test score," Chmiel explained.  "A lot of it comes down to a student's ability to convey their passion for the subject area in their application."

To apply, students must fill out a scholarship application form. Finalists will be selected for an interview or to perform in front of a panel. To also qualify for a scholarship, prospective students must complete a shadow day and submit a school application form before December 1.

"Our goal is to find talented, young students who are going to bring life and energy to this building," shared Chmiel.  "We believe the range and diversity of the scholarships we offer should match that of students in our building."

Shadow a CJ Student

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