2016 Service Awards Honors Students

Students who went above and beyond the expectation of service during the 2015-2016 school year were recognized during the 10th annual Service Awards on Wednesday, May 4.

"CJ is unique in having an assembly to just honor service," said Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. "Every school has academic and athletic ceremonies, but it's also important for us to award students who are doing amazing things in the community."

In the ceremony, students who volunteered 25 or more hours beyond their class requirement received the Bronze Award. Those who volunteered between 50 and 99 hours were given the Silver Award. Students who completed more than 100 hours of service beyond their class requirement were recognized with the Gold Award. Other awards given out  to students during the ceremony included the LaSertoma Youth Service Award, Sr. Ruth Ann Service Award, George Early Scholarship and the Mayerson Book Award, which was a new honor CJ began awarding this year. 

"The Mayerson Foundation is a service based foundation from Cincinnati," Kinnear explained. "For schools participating, one student is honored for their servant leadership and volunteerism. That student receives a book that is signed by the author. The award is a different book every year. A student of any grade level can be chosen for this award unlike our other awards which are grade specific."

Also during the ceremony, Bob Young, Facilities Manager, was awarded the Faculty/Staff Founders Award.

Several student groups were also recognized during the Service Awards including FLIGHT members, LIFE members, Service Homeroom representatives, students who gave blood, and the Senior Capstone Group named "Got Veggies?" which was recently honored by Catholic Social Services with their Youth Leadership Award.

Another group of students honored during the ceremony were the members of Little Sibs.

"Our students who do Little Sibs apply for the program and it's a non-credit class," Kinnear noted. "They're doing it to make a difference in the life of a child. It has an impact not only on the Little Sibs but on our Bigs as well. I think it gives our students a sense that they have really made a difference."

Kinnear continued, "This ceremony not only honors students for their service, but I hope it inspires other students to get involved in service."

Number of service hours completed by CJ students during the 2015-2016 school year beyond what was required of students through their religion curriculum. The total represents a contribution of $233,432  to the local, national and world economy according to the Independent Sector's valuation of an hour of service.

The number of student Service Homeroom Representatives who regularly communicated service news and information to their peers this school year.

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Bronze Award recipients. 

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Silver Award recipients.

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Gold Award recipients.

Number of service hours Suzie Phillips '16 accumulated over her four years at CJ, which was the highest amount in her class.

Number of years the Little Sibs Program has been in place at CJ. 26 "Littles" in grades K-2 at Ruskin Elementary and Immaculate Conception School were a part of the program this year.

Recipients of the Red Cord Honor Certificate of Achievement. These students donated blood at the CJ Blood Drive at least three of their four years of high school.

Posted May 4, 2016