"Amazing Experience" for Young Leaders

"Leaders don't have to get ready, they stay ready.”

That theme was at the heart of a Leadership Development Camp recently held by the American Red Cross. Brianna Gavin ’17 attended this camp and called it an amazing experience.

“Being a leader doesn't mean that you have to have a title,” said Gavin. “To be a leader, all you have to do is take your goals, take your peoples wishes, compromise, and come to quick solutions for the better of most and/or all involved parties.”

The four day Leadership Development Camp was held at Xavier University in Cincinnati. According to the camp website, “youth attending the Leadership Development Camp participate in workshops and sessions on various leadership topics like public speaking, understanding and embracing diversity, leadership styles and volunteerism.”

“There was a woman who came to speak with the group and she told us her life story which contained many aspects of poverty, single-parent households, and mountains of stress,” reflected Gavin. “This speaker was one of the best people who I have ever encountered because she connected with me and my story; to the point where she encouraged me to pursue my dreams of pre-med despite self-confidence issues which all teenagers have.”

Gavin said she also hopes to take this experience to create a Red Cross Club at CJ.  She also encouraged other students to experience Leadership Development Camp if given the opportunity.

“I believe students at CJ should go to Leadership Development Camp in order to raise confidence, meet new people, and most importantly become better leaders for the better of the CJ community.”