Bio Students Study Sickle Cell

Mrs. Kate Barrett spoke to Mrs. Ooten's Honors Biology classes on Monday, May 9. Barrett is a sickle cell anemia nurse at Dayton Children's Hospital and a current CJ parent.

The students in the Honors Biology class were learning about DNA, protein synthesis, and mutations including mutations like the one that causes an abnormal hemoglobin in sickle cell anemia. Barrett related her experience of over 20 years working with children affected by sickle cell disease.

Her first hand experience and knowledge truly added to our students’ knowledge of the topic. They were able to see how one tiny mutation could cause so many severe affects on the human body. We definitely send our thanks and appreciation for her visit!

By Mrs. Amanda Ooten, science department co-chair


CJ STEMM is another way parents can share their expertise with students in the realms of science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine. Parents with a career in one of these STEMM fields are encouraged to explore opportunities to work with CJ students including serving as a guest speaker at one of the monthly CJ STEMM Idol sessions, becoming an adult mentor to a science fair student or providing assistance in career exploration.