Busted Box Provides More Than Laughs

One student is pretending to play drums, while another does air guitar. Another student stands up and joins the make-believe band as a singer. The crowd immediately guesses, "you're in a rock band!"

This skit is just one of the many games the Busted Box Improv Troupe performs. Busted Box was formed in January 2014 after moderator Caitlin Bennett spoke to students who were interested in starting the program.

"This is a place where students come to learn about improv, about it as a craft," explained Bennett..

"I had taken improv classes before and had fallen in love with improv," shared Caroline Delaney '18. "I went to one of Busted Box's practices last year and immediately decided to join."

Members say along with the laughs, being a part of the group also forces them to be spontaneous.

"We learn things, with one of the most obvious being able to think on your feet," said Paul Wittmann '18. "But we also have to understand people, their emotions and speech, and fit into your character or role onstage."

"Improv is 100% a team experience, so seeing how students work together in scenes is really inspiring," shared Bennett.

Students still have the opportunity to join Busted Box. Practices are on Fridays from 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. in Room 101.

"Other students should try Busted Box because it is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone and to try new things," noted Delaney.

Busted Box members will perform an Improv Coffeehouse later this fall and participate in a competition this winter Bennett said.

"Our goal is to make your cheeks hurt from laughing, so come to a show!" encouraged Wittmann.