Capstone Collects Shoes for Students in Malawi

Grabbing a pair of shoes before walking out the door to school, work, or anywhere is something many may take for granted. The opportunity to have a good pair of shoes, though, was the motivation behind Maggie Butler and Megan Kramermardis’ Senior Capstone project.

“We are doing a shoe drive so that we can send shoes to the Marianist Missions in Malawi,” Kramermardis explained.

“We both had an interest in the social justice issue of poverty,” Butler added. “After completing research, we found that shoes are one of the hardest things to obtain in Malawi because it affects more than just life — it affects education and self worth.”

The pair is collecting all sizes of new and gently used shoes in containers outside the Welcome Center through Friday, February 8. Additionally, at the school’s most recent sochop, admission was waived if students brought in a pair of shoes for this cause.

All shoes collected will benefit the students at the Saint Mary’s Karonga Girls Secondary School in Malawi and their families.

“The boarding school helps girls around the age of 12 get out of the circle of poverty,” Kramermardis shared. “It’s nice knowing that a pair of shoes could help these girls accomplish that.”

“The school has uniforms which families have to pay for, and sometimes shoes are the last thing that comes to mind,” Butler reflected. “The fact that we can give them shoes to go with their school uniform so they can stay in school is exciting.”

The Capstone group plans to use help from the community to ship the boxes to Malawi.

Posted February 6, 2019