Capstone Creates "Green" Opportunities

While Chaminade Julienne’s school colors are “green and blue,” students helped the school community become more “green” as part of a Senior Capstone project.

Justin Arestides, James Blackshire, Noah Jackson and Aaron Meixner said their Capstone focused on steps needed to be made to make CJ a verified “green” school by the Green Schools Initiative.

“The school needed to complete 12 things on the list to be certified, but because of timing, our group focused on two impactful items — creating a student organization (the Environmental Club) and participating in the Great American Cleanup in March,” the group shared. “We also wanted to inspire younger students at CJ to continue our Capstone by taking further steps to get CJ certified, or at the very least, inspire them take care of the environment just like how we were inspired!”

Each member of the Capstone group said they were inspired to take on this project for different reasons.

“James and Aaron wrote about the environment for their ISJRP (integrated social justice research project,) Noah and James are both Eagle Scouts, and Justin enjoys the outdoors by going on long hikes,” the group shared. “It was through service and time outdoors that made us want to take care of the Earth more, and hence, our Capstone was born.”

The group shared that through their Capstone, they created the Environmental Club, with more than 50 students becoming members.

“We worked at the MEEC (Marianist Environmental Education Center), Aullwood, and hopefully the Dayton Metroparks once the weather gets more predictable,” the group said. “Club members were also instrumental at the Great American Cleanup.

“Our project isn't quite done; however, since we still have plenty planned for the future,” the group continued. “Service opportunities from MEEC, Aullwood, and more will continue until the end of the school year, and hopefully newly inspired students will keep doing service for years to come. Our goal is to pass the baton and allow younger students to keep the Environmental Club going, as well as moving towards the original certification. We're really looking forward to CJ's future in sustainability!”

Posted April 18, 2019