Capstone Creates Soccer Event and Book Drive

A Senior Capstone group combined their love for sports along with a passion for reading and helping kids when they held the CJ Soccer Book Drive on Sunday, April 2.

Blake Garman, Joe Geraghty, Ian Saunders, Lucas Vagedes, and Cole Wagner organized the event.

“We came up with the idea when Coach VanderSlujis [the group’s mentor] told us about a very similar thing he did in college, so we adapted that to help a local cause that we had heard a lot about and wanted to help,” Wagner said.

The group had participants from CJ and Holy Angels, as well as two Butler United and two Metro groups. The groups each had field time at Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles, and in exchange donated books for St. Benedict the Moor School.

“We played games with the younger teams,” Geraghty shared. “The older teams practiced or scrimmaged with each other.”

“My favorite moment came near the end when we were packing all the books in the truck,” Saunders noted. “We were given more books than we could have anticipated and I really felt like I made a difference.”

Geraghty said, “My favorite part of the event was seeing all the kids come in with books. All of them smiled and I think they knew they were making a difference.”

When thinking about the entire experience, Wagner said, “I really learned that having a fun event for a good cause was perfect for our group, as we got to promote a cause we cared about while we ran an event for a sport we love.”

Saunders added, “We hope the event continues on through the years because we feel we did make a difference for St. Benedict the Moor.”

Posted April 9, 2017