Capstone Focuses On The Homeless

Spending $43,000 a year to keep the homeless on the streets or pay $11,000 a year to give each homeless person a roof over their head?

The answer seems obvious. Which is why three seniors chose for their capstone project to present a similar idea to work in the City of Dayton.

Laura Bullock, Andrew Neick and Nathaniel Scupski met with Mayor Nan Whaley earlier this month presenting their model to help those in poverty and the homeless in the Dayton area. Their presentation focused on how cities in Colorado, Texas and Oregon are using "mini homes" to give the homeless a place to stay and how it cut down on the amount taxpayers were paying each year by thousands of dollars.

The students said this model is practical for a city like Dayton. "I think it's cool that we're joining a movement to end homelessness and bringing it to Dayton," said Scupski.

Visual aids including a mini home model built by Bullock were used in the seniors' presentation. They also shared their idea to the St. Vincent de Paul Council of Dayton.