Capstone Group Makes, Gives Blankets To Cincinnati Students

The cutting of scissors could be heard as dozens of students divided material to make blankets after school earlier this month. The blankets weren't going home with the CJ students, they were being made for students in preschool and kindergarten classes at Ethel M. Taylor Academy in Cincinnati.

The project was initiated by Brooke Cartone, Ellie Cronin, Manisha Kullar, Allison Huffman, and Lauren Peltier's Senior Capstone group.

"We wanted to do something for Christmas," explained Huffman. "We will be donating some toys, soccer shorts and soccer balls too. But we wanted to make blankets so the kids could have something they could use and it will hopefully be a meaningful gift to them."

"When we give the kids blankets, especially if they didn't have one before, I think they will be happy," added Cronin.

The group chose to make the blankets for the students in Cincinnati after the group's mentor, Emily Saunders, showed them an article about the school's needs.

"Our group talked about how in the article, it said kids were coming into school with no socks," shared Kullar. "That's hard to imagine."

Cronin noted, "That's why when we decided to make the blankets, we thought about making them a yard or a yard and-a-half and we chose a yard and-a-half.  We didn't want this to be a onetime use; we definitely want them to use it longer."

Several members of the Dayton Catholic Women's Club not only contributed some of the materials for the blankets, but they assisted in making them as well. 

"The blankets will be used for the under-privileged and that's what we strive for, to help children and young people," said Ruth Galyon, a board member with the Dayton Catholic Women's Club.

Huffman added, "We are thankful for the Dayton Catholic Women's Club. It means a lot that they were here making the blankets with us."

When looking ahead to next year's capstone groups, Kullar said, "We are hoping another group will take on this project and do the same thing for the other students at Taylor Academy. Eventually, all the grades might be able to have blankets."