Capstone Helps Combat Anxiety Before Exams

“Start your day right!” exclaimed Gabrielle Cambron ‘19 as she passed out a granola bar to a younger student.

On Wednesday, December 12, Cambron, along with Lauryn DeWine ‘19, Paige Tincu ‘19 and Maddie Strickland ‘19 helped their classmates prepare for winter exams by handing out granola bars with uplifting messages on them such as, “Good luck,” “You got this,” and, “You can do it!” The initiative was part of the group’s Senior Capstone Project.

“The notes were to help relieve stress and the granola bars were given because it’s important to eat breakfast,” shared Strickland.

Earlier this school year, the group also gave a presentation to the Class of 2022 during a day where the freshmen bonded and learned more about what’s ahead for them in high school.

“We were asked to give a presentation because it was important for the freshmen to know that there are ways to get help and cope with stress,” Tincu said. “We wanted them to know this now because it can only get worse if they get stressed or anxious. With school and exams it can get worse as you become a senior.”

“High school causes a lot of stress and we wanted to be there for the underclassmen,” DeWine added.

When reflecting on their project as a whole, Cambron said, “It makes me feel good knowing students are hopefully less stressed thanks to our project.”

Posted December 20, 2018