Capstone Holds T-Shirts to Dog Toys Drive

Seniors Taylor Bridgett, Olivia Brown, Carly Buchanan, and Emilie Nevius have a passion for animals. That’s why for their Senior Capstone Project, the group is holding two activities involving furry friends.

“Our project is all about helping animals in the local area,” Bridgett said. “We want to benefit local shelters.”

“Some of us did our junior year service hours at local shelters and even after the requirement was done, we kept going back to volunteer,” Buchanan added. “So we knew we wanted our Senior Capstone Project to focus on animals.”

Nevius noted, “I didn’t do my service hours at an animal shelter, but I love animals.”

On Monday, February 29, the group, in conjunction with Student Council, will be making toys for dogs that are at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center. 

“We have old t-shirts and we are going to cut them into strips,” Brown explained. “We may use tennis balls and then tie the t-shirt strips into a braid style. We will wrap that around the tennis ball so they become a chew toy for the dogs.”

The Capstone group is also completing training so they can facilitate others volunteering at the Dayton Humane Society on a future Saturday.

“The local shelters have more than just cats and dogs,” Angela Ruffolo, the group’s mentor shared. “This group is very hard working and you can tell that they have a passion for animals. I think it’s great too that some of them have rescue animals as pets in their family.”

The seniors said they hope future Capstone groups continue to do projects that benefit the local shelters.

“These shelters do more than just take in an animal, they help find it a home,” Brown said. “I hope students continue helping shelters in their spare time.”