Cellist Chosen for College Musical Festival

A freshman was recently selected to be a part of the Ohio University Honor Choir & Orchestra. Lily Davis '21 plays many instruments, including violin, trumpet, piano and ukulele, but she was chosen to play her cello at the Honor Choir & Orchestra Festival.

"I found out about the festival through my cello teacher, Dr. Linda Katz," David said. "I had to audition for Professor Steven Huang, Director of Orchestral Activities at OU, via Skype. They provided excerpts from the songs we were going to be playing and I played those for the audition. I found out soon after that I was selected."

Orchestra members worked with Professor Huang and Dr. Bradley Naylor, Director of Choral Activities at OU, for less than two days before performing at the festival. 

"While we were there, we spent most of the time rehearsing and practicing with master teachers," Davis shared. "We also had some free time to explore the campus and we got to eat in the student dining hall."

Additionally, Davis and other students participated in master classes and performances with the OU faculty. 

Davis added, "My favorite part was the concert on Saturday because we got to see all of our hard work put together. It was fun to be a part of an orchestra with other high school students from other areas of Ohio."

The festival included the musical performances of Allegro non molto from The Four Seasons: Winter (Vivaldi), Carnival of Animals (Saint-Saëns) and Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov ed.). Davis said she enjoyed this experience and hopes to participate in it again next year.

Posted December 6, 2017