CJ and UD — Making Beautiful Music Together

For the past quarter, students from the University of Dayton’s University Orchestra have been working and practicing with CJ musicians from the concert band, percussion ensemble and string ensemble. Their efforts will culminate in a combined performance this Sunday: “A Concert Celebration.” All are invited to attend.


Presented by the University of Dayton and Chaminade Julienne
Dr. Patrick Reynolds, Conductor, University of Dayton
Debi Schutt, Conductor, Chaminade Julienne
Luke Grieshop, Assistant Conductor, Chaminade Julienne

FREE EVENT  |  Sunday, OCT. 29 | 3-5 pm
Dayton Masonic Center | 525 W Riverview Ave

Students from UD's program have worked individually with students from various sections on technique and playing to elevate their overall performance. Full band rehearsal this past week brought smiles to their directors' eyes.

"This is a first time that we've performed this type of concert," said Debi Schutt, director of performing arts. "Last spring, Dr. Reynolds reached out to me about a possible collaboration/partnership for this fall semester. Through some initial planning, we decided on a full semester partnership with UD."

This weekend's concert will showcase the effort of the collaboration, as the nearly 100 combined instrumentalists will perform classical pieces written by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, William Hofeldt, and Kenji Bunch, along with others.

"The concert will be a fantastic experience for students," she said. "They have the opportunity to play more challenging repertoire alongside college musicians in a larger ensemble which helps them grow as musicians. It shows them what the next level of ensemble experience can be for them after high school. It also gives them an idea of how much we can still grow as our own high school group."

In addition to the concert band experience, John Muhl '20 had the opportunity to play with the UD tuba section for band day during a Flyer football game a few weeks ago. He is now working with one of the same students for the concert.

"I love working with UD! Working with another tuba is also pretty great! Having a second allows for the split parts to really come out. While he's going for the lower notes, I'm playing the higher ones. It also helps to keep the sound going at all times since one of us can breath while the other is playing. He is also extremely nice and has given me a couple pointers on my tone and overall sound.

"The added numbers and more diverse set of instruments for the concert give the pieces an amazing sound that might not have been achieved otherwise."

Musicians performing on Sunday are also planning an additional performance on Tuesday, December 5.

Pictured right: Luke Grieshop, Patrick Reynolds, Debi Schutt