CJ Debuts Pro Artist Speaker Series

Four actors visited CJ as part of the school’s new initiative, the Pro Artist Speaker Series.

While all living in California for their careers, the actors were all in the Dayton area earlier this month for a family event. Liam Cronin and Kieran Cronin are the brothers of CJ drama and choir teacher, Caitlin Bennett. The Cronin brothers’ significant others, Angela Henderson and Stephanie Bignault, also came to speak with the students.

The actors have a variety of credits to their names including TV shows, commercials, and movie roles. They said, though, that some of their favorite time performing was on the stage.

“I feel most proud about the plays I did in high school and college,” Liam Cronin said. “That was my motivation to become an actor.”

“It’s an exciting feeling when you see people moved by what you do,” Kieran Cronin added.

“You quickly learn what fame is, and how empty it can be,” Bignault shared. “The art doesn’t come from that. The things we put our heart and soul in are what is special.”

Henderson agreed, “I’m most proud of is my short that I just put out. I paid to make it - I wrote it and produced it. I wanted to express myself. You can book these big jobs that make you money, but the things that you’re most proud of as an artist are the things where you can let your voice be heard.”

As part of the Pro Artist Speaker Series, the actors talked with the students about their careers and workshopped with the students in preparation for the CJ fall play, A Murder is Announced.

Are you interested in becoming a CJ Pro Artist presenter? Contact Mark Phillips, CJ PoPS President, at mphillips@cjeagles.org.

Posted October 15, 2018