CJ Faculty, Staff Attend Marianist Lay Assembly

Faculty and staff members recently joined Marianists from around the country when the national Marianist Lay Assembly was held at the University of Dayton July 13-16.

For many of the attendees, this was their first assembly. Jama Badinghaus, CJ counselor, said this was her second assembly with her first being in San Antonio in 2014.

Badinghaus and Caitlin Bennett, CJ choir and drama teacher, were members of the planning team for the assembly. Badinghaus was a member of the Temporalities Committee and was involved with logistics and sorting through the details for the space, organizing the food, and helping attendees get to the right spot. Bennett and her husband were the heads of Education and planned all of the workshops.

CJ participants shared that some of their favorite experiences from the assembly were attending different workshops and hearing from speakers throughout the three day event.

"The most notable experiences I participated in were the Keynote Speakers," said Badinghaus. "Sr. Simone Camball, SSM, Executive Director of NETWORK, spoke candidly about the danger of individualism in our society and the impact it is having on our ability to work together for the common good.  She suggested that the Marianists may have some keys to what our world needs most, and was affirming of the Marianist call to community and inclusivity.  Bro. Ray Fitz, SM (CJ Board of Directors) spoke of the need for all in the Marianist Family to work toward being a Prophetic Presence in the world and challenged all to consider ways that we may step outside of our comfort zones into 'voluntary displacement' to better understand and support those who stand in the margins of our communities.  These keynotes were challenging and a reminder that the work of Mission is never completed."

"It was a very impactful three days, with many good challenges about what it means to be a Lay Marianist and a Catholic today," agreed Bennett. "There were good challenges about what we should do not only nationally, but also in the city of Dayton when it comes to urban poverty."

Tim Dillon, CJ Religion department chair added, "Although I have various connections to the Marianist Family, it was an honor to be there as a member of the CJ educational community of faith. I was proud that several CJ members played significant roles in bringing the Assembly to life.  My interactions with members of other Marianist schools helped reinforce that CJ is blessed with a unique spirit, and that we are a part of the wider Marianist community."

Marianist Lay Assemblies occur every three years, with the next assembly scheduled for 2020. 

"It is a unique opportunity to gather with Marianists from all branches of the Family to help strengthen the conversation of what it means to be living the Charism as individuals and perhaps more importantly as a whole," Badinghaus reflected. "We hope that CJ will have even more representation at the next Assembly in 2020!"

Judi MacLeod '88, Cuvilly director added, "People were very helpful and learning and seeing in practice Marianist ways from other cultures and places. I really enjoyed it and was very proud to be part of CJ."

Posted August 2, 2017