CJ Implements Drug Awareness and Testing Program

Drug use in the nation and in the Dayton region is at unprecedented levels, with Montgomery County reaching a record number of heroin overdose deaths in 2016.  In response, administrators at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School convened an exploratory committee of counselors, faculty, staff and administrators at the beginning of the school year to take a closer look at the issue and to better understand the impact it had on the school community.

Initially, the group understood that a small population of the student population was directly affected. Upon receiving data from national and local studies in the area of adolescent substance abuse — some in which CJ students were part of the research — the group learned that students from across the academic spectrum and from all family backgrounds experience the effect in their families and communities. What was thought to be an issue that affected a small percent of CJ students, in reality, touched more than 20 percent, reflective of national and local trends.

With this knowledge, Chaminade Julienne — with support from the Board of Trustees — made plans to strengthen its program with an enhanced approach to education, prevention and intervention, which does include a drug awareness and testing program. Testing will be voluntary for the 2017-2018 school year, and mandatory for all students in 2018-2019.

This program is not being implemented because of a perceived widespread problem of substance abuse at Chaminade Julienne. The program is being implemented to proactively provide awareness and support that will benefit all CJ students, helping them remove barriers that would prevent them from discovering and living out God's calling for their lives.

FAQ’s about the drug awareness and testing program can be found here.

Posted May 26, 2017