CJ Included in Downtown Dayton Partnership Initiative

Entrepreneurs, artists, crafters, creators and makers are on the forefront of creating a "start-anything" culture in downtown Dayton. At the heart of Dayton's comeback are talented people taking risks and shaping the city. A groundswell of entrepreneurial and creative activity is changing Dayton. The Downtown Dayton Partnership has been recognizing this growth and change and has begun joining together groups of creators and supporters of downtown to make the city a place for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Brett Chmiel '02, director of admissions, is co-leading one of the working groups.

"CJ leadership is a part of this initiative because we are recognizing more and more that millennials want to live, work, and play in the same space," Chmiel said. "Eventually, they will want the same for their own children, and we are the vessel for those future families." 

The working group Chmiel is co-leading is constructing the downtown entrepreneurial narrative. The goal behind this group is to collect the story and personal narratives of creatives and entrepreneurs from various sectors and share those stories with seekers of downtown Dayton.

"CJ is a part of this organic growth of downtown Dayton and our rich history is also tied in with the center city," Chmiel shared. "Creatives will come downtown because they feel welcomed and supported in driving their passions. This is the foundation of what we do here at CJ. We create a community rooted on the collaborative spirit in order to step into the world and serve the good God."

CJ, the Downtown Dayton Partnership, and dozens of other partners will continue to meet over the next year to invest in a strategic plan focused on bringing even more creative life to downtown Dayton. 

Posted July 15, 2016