CJ Performing Arts Presents: A Night of One Acts

The audience will see seven shows in one night when CJ Performing Arts Presents: A Night of One Acts on Friday, April 28. Each production is directed by a student and one director wrote her own one act.

"I was inspired to write a one act because I have loved both writing and acting my whole life, so I thought it would be cool to combine two of my passions into one," said Lauren Eifert '17.  "The most challenging part while writing my one act was remembering the boundaries I have to stay within. It was so tempting to write it similarly to a movie, where there are different locations and transitions between scenes. I had to simplify my setting."

"Our program is at the point where of the students who applied, I felt all of them could have done an amazing job," choir and drama teacher Caitlin Bennett noted. "I felt like they should all have the opportunity to direct."

Ashley Gerhard '18 is directing for the second year.  

"Last year my act was much more complex, had a lot of props, and I had a very clear vision of what I wanted it to be from the very first time I read it," Gerhard reflected. "The cast did an amazing job and I was so proud of the final result. However, the act that I picked this year has no set, is rather simple, and really relies on the dialogue. It also can be interpreted in a lot of different ways and required my cast to really think hard about their character motivations in order to get across a clear meaning and point.

"Even though each directing experience is different, I would have to say that my favorite part about it is taking something that is just a script and bringing it to life," Gerhard continued. "Each year I have been so incredibly grateful that I have cast people who have really trusted me and my vision. They have really come through and it is such an incredible feeling to see my vision put on stage."

Eifert agreed, "The most fulfilling part of the process is watching what was once just something that you imagined, coming to life on stage, similarly to how a painter uses a canvas to bring their imagination onto a tangible, visible object."

Matthew Keaty '18 is one of the actors bringing one act productions to life.

"I'm in The Philadelphia, where a girl comes in an everything is opposite for her," Keaty explained. "I play the waiter in that one. The second one act I'm in is Trifles and I play a county attorney."

Keaty, who is also involved in sports, said he enjoys being able to participate in A Night of One Acts.

"I wanted to do either the play or the musical, but I do sports in the fall and winter," Keaty shared. "Being in one acts doesn't take a lot of preparation and I can still get some performing arts in too."

Bennett added, "For many students, this is their first time trying something whether it be tech or acting. It's awesome to have new faces and hopefully that spurs them on to being in more productions."

A Night of One Acts will take place in the CJ auditorium. Admission is $5.

Posted April 27, 2017