CJ Performing Arts Presents: The Odd Couple

Lots of laughs will be heard from the CJ auditorium when CJ Performing Arts presents Neil Simon's The Odd Couple in two versions, November 18 through November 20.

"On the surface, it just looks like a comedy, but there is a lot there," said drama and choir teacher Caitlin Bennett. "It really takes a look at our personalities, and how we interact with one another, and also what holds us back about who we are. The actors have had a good time exploring those aspects of their characters."

CJ's production will be shown in two versions - a male and female version. Katie Coyle '19 plays Florence Unger in the female version.

"She is really neat and her roommate is really not," Coyle noted. "I go around cleaning everything all the time driving everyone crazy. It's hard for me to relate because I'm the messiest person ever, but it's fun playing the character."

"I'm basically the peacemaker in the group," said Jaishawn Norman '19, of his character, Murray, in the male version. "Whenever the other characters start arguing, I'm basically the guy who brings everything to order. It also helps that I'm a cop."

"The casts have been rehearsing simultaneously, so they haven't really had the time to see each other's entire show," Bennett reflected. "This weekend will be fun for them to see how the other cast has interpreted their script.

"The scripts are not completely identical, and one of the most interesting things has been how Neil Simon changed things here and there when changing the gender of the main characters," Bennett continued. "There are many parts of the script that wouldn't have worked if he had simply just changed the genders and kept the script the same. It has also been fun to have a smaller cast. We usually have larger casts so that more students can be involved. This time we have two casts of 8, instead of one cast of 15-20."

The play is set in the 70's, which has also been an interesting experience for the cast.

"I think people should come see the play because it's funny and it also gives the audience a sense of relationships from the 70's that they will also be able to relate to in present day," Norman said.

Coyle agreed, "It is cool to step back in time but the fashion is definitely different than it is today. I have to wear these interesting costumes - you have to come to the play to see it!"

Bennett added, "Both shows are really funny, so I encourage people to come and see both!"


  • Friday, Nov. 18, 7 p.m. -- Female Version
  • Saturday, Nov. 19, 2 p.m. -- Female Version
  • Saturday, Nov. 19, 7 p.m. -- Male Version
  • Sunday, Nov. 20, 2 p.m -- Male Version


  • Adults: $8
  • Students $5
  • Saturday Student "Double Feature Special" - students can see the Saturday 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows for $8. 

Posted November 17, 2016