CJ Performing Arts Presents Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

Chaminade Julienne Performing Arts is excited to present Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic by Matt Cox, available to live stream on Friday, April 16 and Satuday, April 17!

For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs...who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

Streaming will be available for free via the Broadway on Demand platform. Streaming will begin at midnight on Friday, April 16 and end at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, April 17.

View the stream here


Wayne Hopkins - Jason Caldwell

Oliver Rivers - Rob Culpepper

Megan Jones - Maggie Weckesser

Narrator - Chi Ejinaka

Ernie Mac and Others - Taren Prinz

Hannah and Others - Mia Brown

J. Finch Fletchley and Others - Seth Sanders

Leanne and Others - Mikayla Jette

Sally Perks and Others - Megan Jette

Susie Bones and Others - Moey Kadel

Cedric and Mr. Voldy - Joey Nartker

& Others - Emily Vlcek

& Others - Mac Weatherspoon


Stage Manager - Gabby Kennedy

Assistant Stage Manager - Caleigh Coyle

Sound Techs - David MacLeod & Lilliain Bradshaw

Deck Chief - Allen Eads

Prop Crew
Aspen Grey
Mary Grady
Lilliain Bradshaw

Costume Crew
Lainey Groll
Maria Ely
Jasmine Acuna

Film Assistants
Josh Cross
Jake Schaefer

Build Crew
Josh Cross
Jake Schaefer
Allen Eads
Olivia Cotton
Susanna Lain
Reese Hawkins
David MacLeod
Evanson Good
Oscar Gilman


-- This story was published on April 8, 2021.