CJ Super Fans Crowd the Stands

Look, up in the stands! Is it a bird? (Well, kind of.) Is it a plane?


Thanks to a new initiative by the Spirit Committee, more than a dozen of the most fanatical upperclassmen have been chosen to lead the student section at home games and help give their classmates something to cheer about.

According to Gretchen Theil ‘15, committee co-president, the CJ Super Fans are dedicated to being loud, proud and positive. “We wanted to get a group of very excited, very passionate fans together to go out and support their classmates at competitions.

“Our goal is to go above and beyond, and try to get others to match our spirit,” Thiel said.

The Spirit Committee, a subset of Student Council, modeled its cheering section after the University of Dayton’s community of fans known as the “Red Scare.” Co-moderator Maura Lemon, science teacher, said the group emphasizes fun and sportsmanship.

“Super Fans are meant to symbolize the ‘perfect fan,’” she said. “They are rowdy for their team, come early, stay late, go all out for the theme of that game, and lead others in cheers that get everyone excited and pumped up.”

To join, Super Fans had to demonstrate their enthusiasm for the Eagles at a before-school tryout. All 14 students to audition were selected, said Lemon, and each has made a commitment to attend the majority of home football and basketball games. They also plan to attend at least one match or game for each sport every season.

“It’s really about keeping our school identity positive and being good models for the underclassmen,” Theil said. She hopes the Super Fans group becomes a tradition and part of the legacy left behind by the Class of 2015.

Support the CJ Super Fans by participating in cheers and themes at every game. Themes are decided by Spirit Committee and announced over the P.A.

PICTURED ABOVE: Students dressed in “Beach Theme” cheer on the Eagles to a 42-7 victory over Troy at the first football game of the 2014 season on August 29.