CJ Welcomes Fr. Jim Mueller

The CJ community welcomes Fr. Jim Mueller as the school chaplain for the 2015-2016 school year.

Fr. Mueller hails from San Antonio, where he attended Central Catholic Marianist High School.  He is the second youngest of seven children and has 36 nieces and nephews. While growing up, Fr. Mueller said his father, who was a physician, would take care of the brothers, giving Fr. Mueller his first exposure to the Marianists.

After high school, Fr. Mueller spent his one-year novitiate in Wisconsin, and then spent a year in St. Louis. He went back to San Antonio for two years and graduated from St. Mary's University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Fr. Mueller was assigned to various places in the U.S. and the world following his college graduation. His first stop was East St. Louis, then north to Canada for three years, then overseas to Switzerland where he lived for seven years. While in Canada, Fr. Mueller played hockey on a school team.

"I only scored one goal in two years as a defenseman, and that goal was on my own team," Fr. Mueller confided.

While in Switzerland, Fr. Mueller taught for three years at the Villa St. Jean International School and spent four years in the seminary, which was across the street from the school.  Following the seminary, Fr. Mueller was assigned around the world to Missouri, Switzerland, Nebraska, and Texas. He then went to Japan over a period of 21 years where he was a teacher, chaplain and principal. 

"As principal, I would travel to different conferences around the South Pacific and was also part of a team that would evaluate the work of other accredited schools," Fr. Mueller said. 

Before coming to CJ, Fr. Mueller spent time in California and Texas, and most recently spent one year on sabbatical.

"During the first three months I was in San Antonio," Fr. Mueller explained. "I then went to Rome for four months and then returned to San Antonio in April 2015."

This past summer, and for many summers now, Fr. Mueller has worked at TECABOCA (Texas Catholic Boys Camp.)  While in Japan, Fr. Mueller would bring some of the Japanese students to TECABOCA as well.

Fr. Mueller admitted that while he has had many journeys in his life, "Everyone has an amazing story. Some people may have experiences that are very simple, but everyone has an amazing story."